Friday, January 19, 2018

Taking A Day, Building with Dad, Martin Luther King Jr. Day,

Due to illness and ice issues, we had to skip our foreign language day.  Since there was so much other activities I had planned for that day (the girls were supposed to have a sleepover), I hadn't planned any other work.  So we literally had a day with nothing on it.  I told the girls they couldn't sit on their laptops all day.  So we had a Disney Nature video day.  The boys watched Born in China with us.  We watched Disney Oceans to finish up our Oceans unit study.  We also watched some other fun videos including Leap and some history videos.  We were able to finish up the 3 History lessons, that helped us get a little ahead on our history lessons.

Caty heard about the Building Clinic at Home Depot and begged to go.  So Joe took the girls over since their cheer competition had been cancelled.  They build desk calendars.  In true spirit of other Home Depot projects, they are both still sitting unfinished in my living room.  I am constantly reminding them to FINISH THEM NOW!!  But they will be cool when they are finished.

I'm not ready to start our meteorology science unit yet, so this week for science we'll be watching a lot of videos, including this series I found on Amazon Prime called Animal Encyclopedia.

For Martin Luther King Jr. Day, we spent the week having small discussions about the various parts of the Civil Rights Movement. We compared what steps the groups were taking then, what happened in the 70s and also how people are protesting today.  We also loosely used all of the resources from Channel 1 Student news.  This is a great resource that Joe discovered a few months ago that was available on our Firestick.  The kids really like using it.

They also watch Our Friend Martin...

And this Reading Rainbow reading of Martin Luther King Jrs. Kids biography

In History, the girls and I actually covered Charlamagne and the Franks and also The Vikings/Celts.  We are almost at the end of From Adam to Us Volume 1.

We watched More Pipo's Animated History from Amazon

and also this great Nova Special on Vikings.

We are spending two weeks on Rembrandt for Art Class.  Illness prevented us from meeting for full Science Club.  This week for Rembrandt I decided to work on etching.  I actually went through and put beeswax on copper plates that we had from another art project.  The kids then used sharpened popsicle sticks to etch their design into the plate.  We added ink to make it look like a plate they would have used during Rembrandt's time.

These are videos that they watched:

Since Rembrandt was famous for his portraits, next week we'll be working on facial symmetry.

The kids had bball practice this week (we missed way too much already.)

Brayden and Lydia are working on taking shots from various areas on the court.

Caty working really hard on her Spanish colors and numbers.  She been doing this daily.  This week I added in family words to start practicing also.  But I haven't gotten the puzzles ready yet.

Brayden's job is filling bird feeders.  We got about 3 inches of snow on Monday.  He made sure they got plenty of food.

Brayden is loving on Finn while watching our MLK Day videos.  Can't tell the dog does like him!

Lydia has started writing a story that she is going to turn into a book.  It's in the early rough draft stages right now.  She will start adding more next week.  This will be an ongoing project for the next month.  I found empty story books for her to draw her illustrations and story into.  Spoiler, sparkly and chickens... 😂😂😂

The boys are working on their biographies for our upcoming Living History Event next month.  Brayden is learning about George Lucas and Joey is reading about Milton Bradley.  Lydia started her reading also.  She will be learning about Helen Keller.  Caty took a little longer to decide and now we are waiting on her books from the library yet.  Hopefully this week.  She wants to learn about Lucille Ball.  They kids look forward to this event every year! 

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