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Bytes of Learning Review - UltraKey Online Family Subscription Review

We recently had the opportunity to review the UltraKey Online Family Subscription - 1 year from Bytes of Learning

UltraKey Online Family Subscription ($29.95 - $49.95 depending on family size)  is an online typing instruction program that can be used on laptop, desktop, and even Chromebooks and iPads (with a full keyboard).  Created for ages 8 through adult, students are introduced to the beginning keyboarding skills using the age old home row as the basis.  They are guided gently through video instruction and interactive graded typing exercises.  

When I first mentioned that we were going to be reviewing an online typing program, I got an eye-roll from Caty.  She looked at me and said, "I can type good enough on my computer already, why do I need this?"  I explained that she is not typing properly and this makes a difference in her hands being tired.   It also can affect her later in life with possible carpel tunnel issues.  

After the first week, she now begs to go on and work harder on her typing skills!!  That's saying a lot!!

When you first login, your student can take an assessment to see where they are at for their skills.  This allows the program to adjust to their needs.  If you are feeling a bit overwhelmed and not sure what to do next, there are plenty of videos to help you get going on your learning journey.

Bytes of Learning wants to ensure your student's success by not only providing easy to access videos above, but also provide a downloadable User Guide.  The User Guide explains the videos that are available for students to watch, and include actual screen shots.  So it depends on which type of learner your student is.  Caty has done well watching the videos versus using the User Guide.

As your student progresses, there are reports and certificates as they master each level/skill and letter section.  (We are working on our first certificate.)   Since Caty has a visual issue that has caused some learning disabilities, she does struggle with copywork and even watching the screen and trying to type.  The first assessment test did totally cause her a lot of frustration.  But after making her way through it, she saw how much she had to learn on her report.  After her first couple lessons, she started feeling more comfortable with keeping her hands on home row.  She now insists that she needs to start with her typing when she starts her schoolwork now.  

Playing in the Game Zone is an added bonus for Caty.   The Game Zone turns typing practice and lessons into a fun game that she can earn points with.  I like the games for her as she gets better.  Many of them are a little advanced for her with spelling, etc. But she did have a lot of fun playing the Rhymin' game.  The games are not cartoony, so if your student is older they won't feel like they are too "babyish".  The games are enticing Caty to practice more.  

I can see gradual improvements in Caty's typing skills already.  Even with her learning/vision disabilities, progress is being made.  Her typing into the Minecraft chat box has improved.  And we all know how important that is!!  She really Loves getting onto UltraKey, and looks forward to this in her daily lessons.  I recommend you check out this very affordable option for your family.  Keyboarding is an important skill in our technological era.  And it will definitely help students to learn the proper way to avoid strain and possible carpel tunnel issues in the future.  Take a few minutes to check out all that Bytes of Learning has to offer.  

Several members of the Homeschool Review Crew were given the opportunity to review the UltraKey Online 1-year Family Subscription from Bytes of Learning.  Click on the link below to visit their blogs and find out how they used this product in their homes.

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