Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Drive Thru History Adventures Online Subscription Review

I love history!  We recently had the opportunity to review the homeschool history videos from Drive Thru History Adventures with Dave Stotts along with their online curriculum guides.  I could watch these for hours!!

We all know that I am a history buff.  My family, not so much.  A couple of them can read textbooks for their assignments, and that is what they prefer.  The majority of our kids hate textbooks and prefer videos.  So I end up pre-viewing a lot of videos for appropriate material that doesn't contain way out there theories.  I have finally found a series that keeps everyone's attention span and is historically and Biblically accurate!

In the Drive Thru History Adventures, Dave Stotts doesn't just introduce history, but he literally takes you on a road-trip through the time period you are learning about!!  This really opens up ancient history, biblical history and also early American history, as you see the locations on screen where the events took place.

We received the one-year subscription to Drive Thru History Adventures ($124.99 for 1 year, or $12.99 per month).  It was super easy to set up our account.  Once our account was created, we had access to their three different series, Bible History (18 weeks on the Gospels), American History (12 Weeks on early American History) , and Ancient History (12 weeks on early Greece, Rome, and Asia Minor). 

Our welcome email included a brief introduction to all the different areas that we could now access.  There are more than just videos available on Drive Thru History Adventures.

Available with each episode of Drive Thru History Adventures, is a printable comprehension question sheet. 

You can easily download the PDF and extra resource information for your student's use or you can simply bring up the PDF on your computer and verbally discuss the questions together. 

For younger students, they can simply watch the videos and you can have discussions using the many extra pictures and information.

But if you have an older student, Drive Thru History Adventures also includes extra study materials for research reports that you can assign out on the topics they are learning about in each episode they watch. 

The Expert Papers and Suggested Readings are great to assign out to older students.  These screenshots give you a short list of some of the extra research information available for your use. 

Available also are the Dig Deeper sections that expands the research topics out even further for your knowledge.

Drive Thru History Adventures is really a great addition for our entire family.  We have been using the Ancient History Adventures and also the Bible History Adventures.

This year all the children have finished the first half of their Ancient History studies (all on a deeper level as they cycle around in this history studies through the years).  Using Drive Thru History has been a great because we can see the various locations that we have been reading about in our history textbooks.  I tried printing out the PDFs for the children for each episode, but we ended up just using the PDFs as discussion questions instead.  (It saved on paper that way, and we print enough as it is.)  The questions on the comprehension guides have been a great resource we have been using to draw out the kids even more to make sure they are making all the connections.

The main focus of the Bible History Adventures is Jesus' life on the earth.  Using accurate scriptural references, Dave Stotts travels throughout the areas of Jesus life on earth teaching us about Jesus' lineage, his activities, miracle, baptism and even his death.  We have been watching 2 - 3 episodes each week during the review period, leading up to the Memorial of Jesus death at the end of March.  We were already reading the book of Matthew in our Bible study, so the kids have been able to see the places where he lived and preached, and it allows them to make the connections of Jesus being a real life person and not just a made up story.

Each video has included not only seeing actual locations, but also maps of Jesus travels throughout his ministry and life on Earth.  This has been a great addition to our family Bible study each week.  We have been watching them while we eat dinner also, so that we make sure to have all the episodes finished in time for our Memorial Remembrance of his life on Earth.

We have used the videos from Drive Thru History in the past, the early American History series, and really liked them.  I love that with the Drive Thru History Adventures subscription, I have access to all of the series with one login.  I also do not need to worry about wasting my time by pre-watching each episode and spending time creating comprehension questions before I let the kids watch.  Extra information and teaching suggestions are all included.  Drive Thru History Adventures is a full-family friendly history series.  Younger children in preschool may struggle a bit watching, but with allowances for attention span, even children this young would enjoy seeing the connection of what is in their Bible story book to what they are seeing on the television.

We have been able to watch it from any web browser, as well as on our tablets.  So you are not limited to just using a library DVD if you have a Drive Thru History Adventures subscription.  We cannot wait to finish the Biblical History series.  Be sure to check out Drive Thru History Adventures, they offer a 30 Day Money-back guarantee!

Right now Drive Thru History Adventures is offering you the opportunity to receive The Gospels DVD free with a paid subscription.  

Several members of the Homeschool Review Crew were given the opportunity to review Drive Thru History Adventures.  Be sure to check out the link below to see if this program is one that will work for your family!!  It has worked well for ours!

Drive Thru History Adventures - Subscription {Drive Thru History Adventures Reviews}

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