Friday, February 16, 2018

Ohio History, Math Review, Life Sciences Tour and the Olympics!!

It was an interesting week.  The first part of the week Lydia traveled with Joe to Tennessee for a few days.  They were only gone 2 days, but it was a quiet two  But we started getting lots of snow.  I really just wanted to hide.  I successfully managed to do that for everyday but Tuesday and Thursday this week!!

This week, I started a couple month Ohio History study with all the kids.  The boys need an elective, and the girl's haven't covered Ohio History yet (minus the stuff that we studied part of our American History).  Our state historical society actually put together a program for public schools online, but we can purchase it as homeschoolers at an extreme discount.  Ohio as America is completely laid out with printable reading lessons, and even videos specifically created for this curriculum.  This week the kids learned about primary/secondary sources for studying history and what timelines are.  Review for some, new to others.  Sort of....because we have been working on a timeline in our ancient history class this year.  But it did show this week the different ways that you can use a timeline.

I have started skill level reviews on all Math levels this week.  The kids will continue with review topics through the end of this "school" year.  The boys are also working on financial literacy math as well.  We'll work on this through May.

The girls have been begging to start gymnastics again.  But it's so expensive through many of the area gyms.  A friend of ours shared a nice gym that you only pay for classes you attend!!  I was super excited...the class times offered even work in our schedule.  So the girls started this week.  I had them both attend beginner.  And he worked them to death.  Which was good and bad, because they had to cheer at a basketball game after class.

I had them wear their uniforms to gymnastics because we were cutting it close to get to the game on time.

Caty got a surprise this week...we ordered her an electric drum kit.  She was super excited...and I think Daddy likes it too!

Brayden and Joey both went to the Bingo Social event this week.  Brayden loves Bingo!!  Joey played much longer this time than he did last month.

Joe and Lydia came home early from Tennessee.  She decided she had to use counting blocks to do her math.  My OCDs drove me crazy as she was counting such high numbers with blocks.  I have since hidden the LEGOs for this activity.  She only successfully managed to draw out her lesson.

To finish off our oceans science study, we had a field trip to the local college.  They have a large marine science studies program.  We were very excited to get a tour of their herpetology lab also.

They did a presentation on marine mammals and talked to us about coral regrowth projects.

Looking at a cast of a whale tooth.

They have a lot of tanks set up for learning purposes and the students are even learning coral regrowth in Northwest Ohio.  This was a very interesting topic that he spoke to us about.  They are working with an area in the north of South America with this project.  They send several students every semester.

More from the herpetology lab

Opening night of the olympics.  We watched Eddie the Eagle and the opening ceremonies.  I set out a theme of food and snacks to enjoy as our dinner that night.

The next day we didn't have drum lessons, so we did a surprise trip to Build a Bear with Caty's friend.  Caty was super excited to get Peter Rabbit.

Then we rushed back home for a cheerleading clinic with one of the local high schools.  The Special Olympics team was then invited to cheer during the basketball game.

It got loud at times, so Caty hugged on her new Peter Rabbit.

It got better when she won a raffle prize of brownies.

I was able to get a little cleaning done in the living room.  We removed one of the desks that the girls are not using.  Added a book shelf to hold their current books.  It cleared up some space in our walking area.  Since got the bigger dining room table, it had been feeling a bit cramped.

 That was our week for the most part.  Joey finished reading Wonder.  Brayden will start it next.

Brayden finished The Borrowers

Lydia finished the next Book in the Circle C Stepping Stones Series.  I ordered the next level from the library for her.  It sometimes takes a couple of weeks to get them, so I thought I would get a head start.

Caty started a new series I discovered by accident one day.  The Next Best Junior Chef Series.  This is the first one.  The second one comes out this week and then the third in July.  She loved the first book!!

I hope everyone had a wonderful week!!

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