Saturday, February 24, 2018

Winter Olympics, Ancient Math, Monet, Spelling Bee, Too Much to List!

Things picked up a bit this week....Sunday we had our annual World Thinking Day with our GS Troop.  The girls had worked hard preparing, studying about Peru and their water quality there.

Making the Peruvian chocolate treats for our table.  They are just dark chocolate chips melted and poured over dried fruit...chocotejas.

Lydia labeling the areas of the body where certain chemicals attack.

This week was our Homeschool Spelling Bee.  Lydia taught herself to  I tried spelling curriculums, but they never worked with her.  These were some very hard words, two grade levels above her and words I as an adult do not even  She didn't make it to the end, but she tried and that's all that matters.

Our homeschool group that competed.  They were preschool through 8th grade.  3 of them get to go to the next level!

We started the Naturego Ancient Math program.   Watch for our review in the next few weeks.  This week we learned about Ancient Babylon (Plimpton 322), Ancient Greece (Platonic Solids), and Pythagoras and Music Spheres.  This wraps up our Ancient History studies that we are working on reviewing (since I don't want to start the next level this school year).

Finding Platonic Solids in our shape bins.

We also worked on following the Winter Olympics.  This week, we continued to learn a little about all the sports of the games.  This week we watched a lot of science of the Olympics videos.  We learned more about curling, how skis are made, snowboarding, bobsledding, and the science of alpine, even skeleton racing.  It was a pretty informative week.  I loosely used the Amanda Bennett Winter Olympics Unit study and videos that I found on my own.

I have really been using our Firestick projecting app a lot this week.  I used it for Olympic studies, Ancient math and also our Ohio History.

Brayden, Chewie, and Finn watching Science of the Winter Olympics videos.  (It was Brayden's idea to learn more about the sports.)

They are tracking a few countries and the medals they earn. (This was obviously early in the week.  The totals changed dramatically for most of the countries all week.)

In Ohio History we studied about civic responsibilities and also a basic map reading refresher course.

In Art Coop we studied about Claude Monet.  All of our kids watched this video:

Then using the Behold the Beauty Christian Art Curriculum, we did an impressionist art painting.  We are getting the opportunity to review this program right now.  I really like the ideas and plan on implementing several of them!  It's broken down by suggested grade level, and the projects are very easy to implement.  Their project was in the style of pointillism, using cotton swabs and acrylic paints.  The cotton swabs helps to give the objects they are painting softer lines.

In Science Club we talked about heat energy.  We did a few experiments.  First was to test to see which material conducted the heat best.

We put butter on the edges of 3 different materials.  Wood, metal and plastic.  Poured hot water in the mug to see which melted the butter quickest.

The metal knife obviously won..You can see the oil from the butter floating in the water.  The plastic was 2nd and the wood did not conduct the heat as well.

We used copper wire and chocolate chips to also show conduction.... This was cool to watch them fall off as the heat advanced.

To show convection, we used food coloring in hot water vs cold water.  The hot water was left, cold on right.  The particles from the hot water forced the food coloring toward the top.  The cold water kept the food coloring from spreading quickly.

We didn't have an experiment for radiation...we just talked about getting sunburn at the beach.  😂😂

Then a bunch of us went to see Peter Rabbit...and yes...Peter Rabbit had to come with us.

Brayden collects souvenir cups...He was excited to see the new Black Panther cup.

This week we experimented separating the girls in gymnastics.  Lydia started the beginners handspring class, since she's dying to learn handsprings for cheerleading. 

 I'm so glad we found this's really going to help Caty and her endurance!

We got some new Math games this week.

This is Monkey Fractions...I also bought Froggy Fractions for them to advance to.

 Playing one of our new Math Games -  This is a division/multiplication game called Pet Me from Logic Roots..

Hanging out at the dealership waiting for the oil to be changed in Daddy's truck.

We had our first official meeting of the 4H season.  Our advisor planned Olympic style games to play.  The kids had a blast curling, snowboarding, and figure skating.

We are reviewing the Maria - Smart Gurlz programming doll right now.  Lydia sat down and had it figured out in a matter of minutes.  She ran the battery down in no time!!  

She also worked on another review item, these moccasin slippers from Tandy Leather.  One slipper down, one more to go!

It's been a HUGE review week in our house.  Caty and I had the opportunity to work with some water fusion beads from  This kit made tops.  It was so easy!!  Watch for our upcoming review next month.  Hint though... I've already ordered more kits!

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