Friday, March 23, 2018

Cloud Science, Picasso, Author Meet and Greet, and a Tea Party

This has been my mentality all week.  I seriously did not believe that the time change could affect me as much as people were saying.  I mean's just an hour.  But my exhaustion grew by leaps and bounds this week.  My love all week was drive-thru coffee and coffee shops.

I treated myself and got my hair done this week.  It was quite drastic in color.

We had med checks and the kids had 3 pages of questionnaires to fill out.  They have to do this every visit.   They really hate these.  Glad it is only every 3 months.

For Science Club, we worked on making clouds and talked about thunder and lightening.

Why it rains....

Cloud in a jar

Attempting lightening...this wasn't as successful as we wanted.  But we could tell we made static electricity.  We were getting zapped, just couldn't see it.

Picasso was our artist this week.  The kids created their own Picasso faces using Pick and Draw

For Ohio History, we covered through the War of 1812 and how Ohio was involved with this war.  Watched several videos, including one on the Battle of Lake Erie.

The kids also had an opportunity to meet a local author of some kids science fiction.  Elissa Peterson gave a wonderful presentation on how to develop characters and also covered the various elements of a story.  She also spoke with the kids bout writing stories and what kind of education they needed.

In Spanish this week, they made family finger puppets and also used dolls again to sing the body song (Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes) in Spanish.  She loves going to Spanish.

Other activities include the girls Gymnastics class.

We had two cookie booths this week.  I rearranged school so that we could fit these into our week.  This booth was a cold one, we were outside for almost 3 hours!  But sold lots of cookies.

We hosted a tea party this weekend and I saw these on Pinterest.  I needed my nieces help to make these since Lydia wasn't home.  My fingers would not handle the M&Ms.  They turned out cute.  Brayden said they tasted great!

I spent my week last minute planning for the tea party.  I thought I had it in hand, but felt very anxious all week.  The trip to Costco was exhausting...but got stocked for the house and the party.  Caty loves getting pushed around from sample cart to sample

Lots of prayer for help with the anxiety when getting the party all set up.  The exhaustion of the week and other health issues made it very difficult to think of all the last minute planning that I had to do.  Plus I had to get supplies for Caty for her cake decorating class.  Fortunately, I had lots of help cleaning veggies and setting up plates and arranging the food at the party.  So many brought items to share.

Caty's cake project for the tea party.  She had fun making this cake.  For her 4H cake decorating project she needs to make several decorated cakes.

These were the cute flower pots I found for the tables.  I just put silk flowers I found at Dollar Tree in them.  I loved the rain boots.

We went home exhausted, but had such a wonderful time with our friends.  I can't wait to do this again soon.

This was a weird week, I am working on a spring schedule.  We are going to be down to a 2-3 day full schedule, with independent work on the other two least I think.

I hope everyone had a wonderful week. 

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  1. Wow! So much fun packed into one week. I love the tea party; I bet it was a lot of work but everything turned out so beautifully.

  2. What a week. Saving that lightning activity idea! We did the cloud thing and it was one of our coolest science activities yet.

  3. We were worn out by the time change too. Great week. Your hair looks great.
    Blessings, Dawn

  4. Sorry to hear about the difficult adjustment.