Friday, March 16, 2018

Clouds, Hydraulics, Cake Decorating, Dog Sledding, and NASA....

We started our week off with the first of several classes we will be doing with Joann Fabric.  The girls are taking sewing, knitting and cake decorating.  The first class was for Caty and learning about cake decorating.  This is one of her 4H projects this year.  She was very excited, because one of her friends was taking the class too.

Guess what I let them have for breakfast on  Yep...cake!

They had their last basketball practice of this season.  I walked the halls for some exercise while they were practicing.  I got a couple shots while I walked past the gym door.

The girls finished up their Solar power on Mars NASA class.  Since we missed one of the sessions, we had some experiments to make up.  So they worked on those at home.  Worked on directing light.

In Science Club the kids finished their brief study on hydraulics.  This week as a group they worked on making their own hydraulic arm/project out of a table full of supplies.

As a family we built a small hydraulic arm kit for the kids to mess around with.

This was extremely complicated for the kids.  But we got it together and they had a little fun with it until one of the lines blew.  So we had to do some work on it off and on during the week.

In Science at home, we are working our way through the Weather unit since it's Severe Weather Awareness month.  This will be our theme in Science Club also.

The kids worked on clouds and humidity.

Rain Cloud Science experiment

They made posters about the types of clouds

In Art Club our art was Frida Kahlo.  She had a very dark life and it reflected in her art.  At home, the kids colored some of her art pieces.  In club, they made a collage that reflected their personality and mind.  (Think of a more positive Frida Kahlo self-portrait).

Lydia continued in her Beast Academy - Geometry.  She got out our Blokus game to use this week.  It was hilarious.

Look was popped up in my Time Hop!!  They used to be little!!!

Thursday brought a really cool class on Dogsledding.  The girls were able to stand on a dog sled and listen to the dangers and adventures of dogsledding.  They also made a dog treat picture frame for their rooms.  It was a neat project to learn more about.  Last week they had some assigned reading about the Iditarod race.

March is Developmental Disabilities Month.  Our county arranged for a special basketball showcase for our Special Olympics basketball teams and the neighboring county.  

Caty had Spanish Class and still is loving this.  This week they were working on the Spanish names of our bodies.  They had to point at the faces and tell the teacher what each part was.

We had a class at a local museum on the Native Americans of Northwest Ohio.  This was planned to match our Ohio History studies.  It was great!

These weapons and tools were found in our area and dates about 3,000 years old!!  We were able to hold and inspect them.

The girls went to a pottery class with Joe and I surprised the boys with a trip to a retro video game store.  They loved it!  We may have left with some classic Sega game like Carmen Sandiego.

The next day the kids had a trip to the Challenger Learning Center to go with the NASA solar project they had been working on.  They did a mission to the moon and also built a s’mores solar oven.

This was a fun trip!  

We had a long busy usual.  But we learned a lot and had fun!  Linking up with other homeschool moms and their crazy weeks!

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  1. What an awesome week. You guys always do so much fun and wonderful learning.
    Blessings, Dawn

  2. Wow! What a wonderful week. I just love all the hands on activities and trips. We went to 5 museums yesterday (they were small and all on one quad/ campus so it was doable and I just kep thinking how much I had missed getting out of the house to learn. Now if the snow will just stop pouring out of the sky we can get back to getting out of the house a few times a week.

  3. Oh my goodness, what a fun and busy week full of great learning experiences!! I'm not gonna lie, when I saw the title I initially expected a hydraulic cake decorator. Which would be pretty awesome. ;-) Anyway, thanks for sharing all this fun on Homeschool Highlights!

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