Monday, March 5, 2018

Shopping for History Curriculum

Teaching History is my favorite. It was my favorite subject when I was in school.  I was hoping that one of our kids would love history like I do, but alas....none do.  Here is a list of some favorite history resources we have used.

Elementary Resources

One resource we used in elementary with Lydia was the historical American Girl book series.  These were a fun way to bring history alive with her.  But Caty doesn't love the book series, so we use a lot of videos and started using the resources below.

These are all Middle through High School Resources.

All American History Volumes 1 & 2 (Bright Ideas Press)

This series is for middle school and high school aged students, but I was able to adapt it to use with Caty also.  I just adjusted the amount of her information.  Volumes 1 & 2 is meant to be done over a year, but we did this series over a two year school period.  That gave us more in-depth study potentials.

From Adam to Us (Notgrass History)

The girls and I have been using Volume 1 this year for our studies.  I really love this program.  It is Biblically based.  This program is meant to be done over a 1 year period (both Part 1 & 2), but I decided to stretch it over two years to make it not as overwhelming on the girls.  There is a lot of reading involved with this, if you do the full program.  We opted to only do some of the extra read-alouds.  I included lots of videos.  We'll do Part 2 next school year.  

Uncle Sam and You (Notgrass History)

This is a middle school level civics course that we have not used yet.  But plan on starting in two years or the 2nd half of next year.

America the Beautiful (Notgrass History)

This is a full year middle school (but adaptable for multi-age studies) American History and geography study of the United States.  

I will admit that I really do like Notgrass History.  They are really a great resources.  They offer a full 4 year study for high school students also.  I really like how I can use this product with multi-grade levels.  It's easily adaptable.  They are a Christian based, but their information is very accurate and the details/information included is amazing!!  Plus almost their entire series of history books is available on audiobook also.

Notgrass High School History

Story of the World Series

This series is meant to be done over a 4 year period.  It is available on audio for both those who need help with reading but also great for car-schooling.  It covers from nomads through modern history in these 4 volumes.   We actually used this series in elementary school.  But I'm also having the boys read each volume again in high school.  This series is great for elementary through high school.  I learned so much that I never even learned in high school and early college study of history.  It was amazing.

Some other History picks that I have come across that have gotten great reviews:

Heroes, Heroines, and Tales of Ancient History Digital Version

A Beka History (Grades K - 12)

Bob Jones History (Grades k - 12) - we have used the elementary series and really liked this program!  I have found the used textbooks on eBay and Amazon Marketplace.  We did not use all the workbooks and tests.  

These are just a few of the hundreds of history programs available.  

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