Friday, March 2, 2018

Van Gogh, Weather, Math Games, and Just Being Busy!!

We had plans for a very busy week.  Monday we were supposed to have a special field trip, class to the local NASA center to work on solar projects.  I even moved my neurology appointment so that we could go.  But it turns out they neglected to remember it was President's Day.  So we were disappointed at a very last minute cancellation.  Fortunately the field trip coordinator was able to work out with them to reschedule an awesome learning day in the next couple months, so our work on solar energy won't go to

Since we were going to be out so much this week, I planned work on Sunday afternoon this week, just so that we could stay on track with the work we need to accomplish this year.  After the field trip cancellation though, I managed to spread out our work to make sure that we got it all accomplished.  I also added in some extra fun videos and coloring pages to go along with Art and our Ancient Math art class we have been watching online.

In MathArt in Ancient Cultures class, we learned about Indian Rangoli's, Moroccan tiles, and Mayan Art.  Watch for our review in March about this very interesting program.  To go with India, the kids had the choice to make Indian Rangoli's with either chalk pastels or glitter, but a couple chose both.

Joey's Rangoli

Brayden's project dripped.  It's a flower in the rain.

Caty's project - very colorful flower within a flower.

Lydia's creation

These were coloring sheets I found to show intricate patterns like they would find in Morrocan art tiles.

For the last lesson in this series on Mayan art, we discussed glyphs and their calendar.  Then the kids created a spring flower glyph/chart.

They officially finished the MathArt in Ancient Cultures class and I printed their certificates.

This week in Ohio History we learned about the Native tribes of Early Ohio.  We made a list of the different periods and put them on a timeline.  In a couple weeks, we'll have a field trip to a local historical center and they are giving us a presentation about the early Native Americans.

The girls were invited to a swim party and the boys were able to come too.  It was a nice swim party at a local therapy pool.  The kids were exhausted when they were done.

 In Science we started our study of weather.  We'll be studying meteorology in honor of Severe Weather Awareness month for March.  We'll finish our study with a trip to a local television station to the weather center.  Very excited for that!!

 Learning about the Angle of Incidence (how the sun's rays affect our weather) using lamps around the living room and thermometers.

Art study this week is about Van Gogh.  I had them color several works of his art, as well as do an oil pastel of Starry Night.

Caty struggled with coloring Iris... so she did Bedroom in Arle instead.

This week we started our Math review games.  I stocked up on new math games to play with all of them.  It's going to be fun the next couple weeks!!

This is Math Builder from Logic Roots.

Money Bags from Learning Resources - This was fun.  Caty shocked herself counting out the coins and making change!!

Sum Swamp (we've had this one for a while..this is our second game 

Real World Math - Paycheck, bills and all using a check register.  Just whole dollars, no cents.  But a fun way to see those unexpected expenses that can happen.

The Dollar General has white roses on clearance...Caty tried the colored roses project and it didn't work out.  I'm not sure why.  But I promised she could do it again. This is one of her favorite experiments.  (It didn't work, so well be buying more flowers!)

Lydia and I watched this great show called Mega Builders (of course it was after watching 4 episodes of Vet Life  It was the building of the islands in Dubai to create a resort.  Very cool!!

In Science Club, the kids are learning about hydraulics.  Pascal's Law

Working with the hydraulic arm.

Joey is taking an online class on the Mental Health for Teenagers (from  This is to go along with his own work on anxiety and also his 4H project on Learning Good Mental Health strategies for teenagers.

The older kids took a class that the area Parks Department has started.  It's for Teens and emphasizes different features/elements of nature each month.  This month was mammals.  Learning about mammals of Ohio.

Game about the eating struggles for some mammals.

Measuring and learning about mammal skulls.

I came up with a Spanish vocabulary game for Caty to play.  I made new study cards for our Candyland board.  This has been fun to play, since Caty is super competitive.

We, of course, had the typical stuff such as riding.

The girls gymnastics

 It was Homecoming Week for our county Special Olympics program.  The girls had to cheer and play basketball.

Entering the gym after having his name called.

The theme of the dance was Night in Paris.

My hubby surprised me with flowers.

After Caty's drum lesson on Saturday we took a trip to the Toledo Art Museum.  Lydia has been begging to go and see the Impressionist area, since we have been studying that time period.  Also our museum has their mummy display on right now.  So we also wanted to see that.  They only display the mummies every 8-10 years!

The theme this time for the display was Egyptmania.  How the world went nuts for Egyptian culture after the opening of pyramids/tombs by archaeologists.

It was a busy week.  I didn't get much done at home.  I'm grateful for Kroger Clicklist that kept us in groceries!!  No matter how much I didn't want it, it's going to be busy the next few weeks.  March is going to be nuts!  I guess that's normal.  Hoping that I can get a rest in for May, so that I'm ready for our very busy summer!

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