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HelpTeaching.com - Help Teaching Pro Review

In our house, having access to good online resources is really an essential to our homeschool running smoothly.  We had the opportunity recently to review the Help Teaching Pro subscription from HelpTeaching.com.    

HelpTeaching.com is an online program that provides educators and parents with extra educational resources in a wide variety of subjects including social studies, language arts, life skills, art, math, study skills, and even science.  Grade levels range from early learning (PK) through Grade 12.  Services offered include printable pre-made worksheets (and answer sheets), practice skills sheets, pre-made quiz and tests, as well as a create your own Test Maker. There is also a section to create your own word searches and various other printable games to make learning more fun.

There were a few things that drew me to HelpTeaching.com.  There is a large diversity of subjects that they provide pre-made worksheets for.  These include not just Core subjects such as math, science and grammar, but also life skills, physical education, art, and even vocational education.

With special needs kids, the idea of the vocational education and life skills sheets were intriguing to me.

The actual lessons are not provided to go along with subjects such as writing a resume, using coupons, meal planning, and even sewing.  The worksheets provided are to accompany the material you are already working on with your students.  You could use them to reinforce the lessons or as a quiz.  I know there are many times that the kids and I will be talking about a subject, and my reference isn't a set curriculum, but a few webpages that I printed with the information I want to cover with the kids.  So I was easily able to have my discussion with the boys on "How to Use Coupons", and they reinforced our discussion by answering the question sheets I printed from HelpTeaching.com - Help Teaching Pro subscription.  

Other lessons I used with the boys Freezing Meals, How to Learn about a Job, Housekeeping Tools, Cleaning suggestions, and when certain household chores should be done.  I have found a couple different ways have worked with these sheets while working with my boys with disabilities.  The previous paragraph I mentioned how I covered information and then had them work through the questions on the worksheet.  But the other way was to simply just start out with the worksheet.  We would work our way through the questions and have a discussion about which answer was the best answer for each questions.  This worked well when we worked our way through, "When to Do Certain Household Chores".  

Another way that I was able to use HelpTeaching.com was to create my own worksheets for Lydia's 4H poultry reading and research.  I used the Test Maker section of the program to create questions for her to answer when her reading was done.

I was able to choose from different types of questions.  I could have multiple choice, fill-in, true or false, or fill-in-the-blank.  As I'm creating, I could save the worksheet/tests under my account.  I was able to print another copy then, when she spilled juice all over a page....lol.

If I had to invest the time, at least it is now saved.  I could have the boys go through the same Life Science reading also for their studies.

The Pro Plan gives you access to video lessons in many different subject areas, including grammar.  I used several of these videos with Caty.  

Then she and I were able to work on printable worksheets to go along with the lessons.  I found this whole section very easy to use, and easy to teach with.  (Grammar is not my favorite subject....lol)

Many of the lessons for HelpTeaching.com are linked to Common Core standards if you are interested or required to use those materials.  Though I am not a fan of Common Core, I did not see any materials that I would not have used or anything different than our non-Common Core curriculum.  So I only mention that in case it is something that you may be required to use, or worried about.

The amount of materials that HelpTeaching.com provides at no charge is amazing.  So why purchase the Pro Plan?  The Pro Plan provides some extra benefits to busy homeschool parent who are teaching multiple levels.  The Pro Plan gives access to many more materials at all the various levels of worksheets and lessons.  You have access to unlimited materials that you can either make yourself or pre-made materials. It a family price, that is not the cost per student, which makes it a very budget friendly addition to your lesson planning.

I plan on continuing to use the Help Teaching Pro Subscription in our homeschool.  It has been bookmarked as a reference place as I am putting together our weekly lessons.  We really mainly all the printable resources available, but they also offer online quizzes for your student to take.  So that may be something you would use in your homes.   I'm finding the Pro Plan very helpful for all our subjects, including the way out ones like life skills and vocational education.

Several members of the Homeschool Review Crew were given the opportunity to review the Help Teaching Pro subscription from HelpTeaching.com.  Click on the link below to find what parts of the program they used and how they felt about the program.

Help Teaching Pro. {HelpTeaching.com Reviews}
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