Monday, April 30, 2018

The Disappointing Week Turned Around...

Well we were supposed to be in Tennessee this week.  But I didn't feel very well and was not having a good week.  So the kids and I stayed home.  The kids had been sick, and Lydia was getting over a cold.  So we were disappointed that we didn't get to head down to one of our favorite areas and hang out for a few days.  I quickly threw together some lessons to do, so they weren't just laying around doing nothing.  We all know that this is what they would do!

This week we started a new history/science study.  We'll learn about a new herb daily, and I also have the WildCraft game that I'm going to start playing with them.  It's a neat game, but not exactly what I wanted, so will be making some adjustments.

We didn't have Art/Science club since we were not even supposed to be here.  So the kids and I played Bird Bingo. 

I keep the coffee table stocked with prizes for impromptu awards and treats.

This week I chose the artist Joan Miro for their art study.  After watching videos on his whimsical art, they were told to re-create his piece "Air".

I signed all the kids up for classes.  The boys are taking a Class called Adulting 102 that covers various topics we have already covered.  Including insurance, financing, and even cleaning.  It's an ok class, and if we hadn't already been working on it, would be fine.  But I was a little annoyed at the speed she has been covering topics, and her assignment requirements.  So in true homeschooler style.... just not following her schedule, since the class was supposed to be self-paced anyway.  But even after telling her there was no way Joey could handle the amount of work she was requiring in one day, she gave him an F.  At that point, I just said Screw it!

Caty is excited to have her own email.  She and I have been playing with this all week.  Watch for our review on KidsEmail next month!

Math has been she been using A+ Interactive Math to catch up on skills.

I pulled a Science Kit off the shelf for Joey to use.  It was on Vision & Optics.  He thought this was fun, and something different.

 It's hard to tell, but the window image is upside down.  This is the way we see things, but our brain makes them upright.

Last week was nice.  I was even walking down to get the mail daily.  But holy cow....We got SNOW twice this week!! 

Brayden watching his YouTube class on

Lydia took a class on using her 3D printer.  The teacher printed something he found for her.  She was excited.  Can't wait to get her printer lined up and ready to go.

Playing Star Wars Clue.  Brayden received this as a gift from his Uncle, Aunt and cousins a couple weeks ago.  It was very neat. 

 Working on her art project.  The dogs were very comfortable.

The boys started their Science fair project on How Clean Are Your Shoes?  They took swabs to see what would grow.

My socks because I had been running all over, including the basement.

New Shoes

 The dogs paws

All labeled and "ready to grow".

We picked up the girls Unicorn bowls they made like a month ago.  This place has very limited hours and it was hard to get back.  They were excited.

We had 4H elections this week.  Lydia is the Club Historian this year.

Brayden and Caty both tried to out for the Game Director position.

 Caty made sugar cookies for gifts for me.

Smores died suddenly.  It was very tragic.  Lydia got a new rabbit.  She decided on a lionhead.  It's name is Daisy.

 We went to a bee pollination event.  The girls were learning about building small bee houses to hang to help the bee population.

 She was all tuckered out and the dogs were keeping

The boys had Bingo Night with the social group.  Brayden cleaned up again on prizes.  Don't know how he does it.

Joey won coverall also.

That was our week!  Busy as it was, we made it through again. 

Hope everyone had a wonderful week!  See you all next weekend!!

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