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Watchman Pictures - Princess Cut Movie Review

We recently had the opportunity to review Princess Cut dvd from Watchman Pictures.  What a great movie for Christian families!!

Grace has dreamed about being married her entire life.  The movie starts out with her looking for engagement rings and waiting anxiously for a proposal from a man she thought she loved and loved her back.  But love seems to be something that Grace cannot seem to find.  She continues to make bad decisions about who she dates, and a bit resistant to her parent's advice to turn to God for help in finding the right mate for her.

As she wakes up from her most recent bad choice, she begins to see what her parent's have been suggesting is really her best action.  She has realized the guilt that her bad choices have caused her and her conscious leads her in a new direction.  This causes her to work on her relationship with God more, and allow his guidance in her decisions about dating.  The remainder of the movie is watching Grace mature from her decisions and we wonder, will Grace finally find her forever partner?

Princess Cut is a Christian family movie.  It is a full-length movie, at approximate 97 minutes in length.  There is not an official rating for this title, but I would rate it PG since it does touch on more sensitive topics.  I watched this with Lydia and I was not upset that she was with me.  

She is almost 13 years old, and although not interested in boys yet, she has seen many weddings and talks briefly at times about getting married.  We were able to discuss why Grace was having such a hard time, and how she could have started out in making her decision to find a spouse.  It opened up some more lines of communication in this area between us.

Waiting for marriage and having a clean courtship is not portrayed in the media or on television today.  Living together without being married and sex before marriage is something that is now accepted as the social norm.  It's even portrayed as ok in most movies that are themed toward kids and families. Those who decide to follow the Bible's counsel about waiting are now considered weird.  Life has changed so drastically in the past 50 years.  It is very refreshing to see a director making a movie that we want to show our children, with behaviors that are not against Bible principles.  Even encouraging young ones to pursue a deeper relationship with God.  Princess Cut did a wonderful job showing the importance of not following blindly with what your friends may be doing, and blaze your own path with God as your guide.

We have very much enjoyed Princess Cut, and Lydia LOVED it!  She has asked to watch it again with me soon.  I can't wait to see what films Watchman Pictures releases in the future!!

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