Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Catching up.....

This was one of the busiest weeks for a while.  I hate this time of the year.  I'm not sure why, but it gets so busy.  It could be that we start back to 4H and Lydia is prepping for a riding show.  It's nuts.

Joe and I went and bought a new grill.  It's huge!!  But we feed a lot of people.  First meal on the grill....homemade pizzas.  This is a favorite with our family.

That day Lydia had a special riding camp to go to.  She was getting the opportunity to have pointers and tips from a National Judge.  She spent several hours at the stable that day.

On Monday we had a Girl Scout meeting.  We met at a local park and did a wildflower walk and picked up some garbage at the playground.  Caty then took advantage of the nice weather and was reading while she was swinging.

Caty was tired of walking so she decided to read on the swing.

The same day, Caty and Lydia also had a cookie decorating class.  They both loved this.

Our artist was.... Faith Ringgold.   They created their own story quilts.  They used oil pastels on fabric.  They glued fabric scraps to create their frame.

The girls had Naturalist class.  They did a pond study looking for invertebrates.

We disturbed a muskrat...he swam away in a huff....lol

Lydia actually caught a fish in her net.

She and the teacher caught a frog and were examining it.

Joey is working on an Adulting 102 class to teach him about "real" life.....learning new cleaning techniques.

Caty and I had to make a trip for an eye check.  We spotted an old mile marker sign we recently learned about at one of our Ohio History lectures.  This one is preserved in the concrete outside of a store with a marker telling what it is all about.

This was the lecture where we learned about the mile marker.  We went to a Lecture on the History of Wood County.  I learned so much...and I grew up there!

Clay tile from a field that was used to help drain the Black Swamp

More art

Lydia got another rabbit....meet Daisy.

Enthralled with her book on the way to her eye appt.

So happy he found new robot model kits at Barnes and Noble.

This week was the start of so many cool new experiences....catching everyone back up on our adventures of May.

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