Monday, June 4, 2018

Baking, Birds ... and no not at the same

I have been so crazy.....keeping up with the Week in Review has been near impossible.  At some point, I have developed an "unspecified" autoimmune disorder.  I'm sure acute stress has really triggered it.  But it came to light last October.  I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia 15 years ago, and it's been painful at times to move, but I have been able to keep going.  Whatever this is, it's almost taking me down.  I struggle to keep up with everything.  It's so frustrating.  My whole body is now affected, including my speech and bad cognitive issues.  Some days I sound like I have had a stroke as I try to speak.  I have already been through a ton of tests and blood work and no true answers.  I'm waiting on the hair analysis test to see what other allergies I have.  But we have no idea and my doctor is just as puzzled as we are.  I'll keep you updated as I can about all the things we are learning.

The kids voted this year that instead of Disney, they wanted season passes to Cedar Fair again and a heater for the pool.  So that's what they got.  We had our first friends fun day of the year at Kings Island for their School Days.  It was an exhausting...but awesome day!

The girls did that sling swing ride.  I think they were nuts!  But they loved it!

Riding the huge swing at night!

Fireworks to the Greatest Showman!

The next day we made plans with our dear friend Amelia!  Caty and I went to the mall and had pretzels and went to Build a Bear with her!

It was so much fun!  We had several friends days this month, as we finally are getting the patio ready for company and BBQs!

Both boys are working on Ohio Birds project for 4H.  I have been dying to go to One of our local parks for Birding Week.

Where we live by Lake Erie is a stop over point during migration seasons.  People come from around the world.  It was really amazing!!  We saw a eagle family that is nesting and raising their eaglets.

We did several birding adventures during the Birding Week.  I loved getting them out walking!

Mama eagle watching over the eaglets.

White Egret eating....look carefully at his beak.

Canadian geese family we saw at Kings Island.

Drawing in his nature study notebook.

We were able to go to Cedar Point on opening weekend.  Joe and the girls were able to ride the new coaster, Steel Vengeance.  It took forever waiting in line for them to get the chance.  But they loved it.  The boys and I puttered around the park. and they rode several coasters.

We haven't been through the petting zoo for a few years. Brayden wanted to go through.  He had so much fun feeding the animals, and loved the camels.

Brayden was all about the food that day....LOVES Pinks hot dogs!

One of our science club projects was finally getting to dissect the oysters that we ordered back in January.

I got the girls matching necklaces to hold their pearls.

We had a Home Depot day....they build windmill planters.

They loved this project.

Caty practices more frosting and mixed royal icing for the first time.  It was different she said.

Joe installing our new pool heater!  I have actually been in the pool this year!  I haven't set foot in it for almost 3 years.  It's always too cold.  This is great!  I just wish I had more time to just splash and hang in the pool.

 Lydia had another class presented by Elissa Peterson.  She an author of young adult science fiction.  They were working on creating stories.  Now we'll see if this will help her finish her chicken story!

The girls took a class in how to make balloon animals at a local art studio.  This was a lot of fun!

The kids had an education birding event for homeschoolers that we attended to finish up our Science unit and for the boys to go with their 4H project.

The boys and I went on a date to Chick-Fil-a.  They loved this.

Food, games and fun

Joe and I have been looking at RVs.  We were really shopping this month at a local show.  We keep drooling and found now what we really love.

One week for Science Club, we worked on Fidget Spinner Science.  I under-planned for this.   Really want to do this again.

Caty did a bread baking class online.  She had fun making bunny bread!  She turned leftover dough into pretzels.

Linking up with other homeschool moms.... This is a couple weeks worth of activity.  The girls also had gymnastics.  Lydia had riding and of course...we started Special Olympics track.  More pictures and catching up to come!!

Weekly Wrap-Up