Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Summer Fun Ideas

Summer's can get very busy!  Even when you try to not make them that way.  Here are some more ideas to do together to get the most out of your summer....

1.  Your local county fair.  We have a rule to experience the county fair as it was originally meant to be.  A showcase of local talent, along with some yummy junk food.  When we go to the fair, we visit all the hardworking displays of the 4H kids (because we know how much hard work it is), the local entries for food, canning and art.  We visit the vegetable competitions and all the animals.  By skipping all the portable rides, you save money and yet you are still making memories with spending time with each other...oh and sharing the cotton candy and candy apples.

2.  Nothing says summer more than a water fight.  Our kids love water balloons....I hate them.  They are a pain to fill, unless you use the new expensive ones which the kids go through so fast.  But then you have the broken balloons all over the lawn.  So why not use sponges and a bucket of water.  You can use some plain old sponges or make your own sponge water bombs....less mess and reusable!

3.  Make a family cookbook together.  What are some of your favorite go-to meals?  Sit with your children and make a list.  You can write up the recipes on cards and keep them in a box on the counter or type them up in a booklet form.  When you sit down to make your weekly meal plan, everything is together.  

4.  Make ice cream together.  You can do it baggie style.  You can use milk and non-dairy milk options also.  We have used coconut milk very successfully.

5.  Get out the modeling clay.  You can make your own clay or store bought clay.  Create a zoo or a farm.  Make a race track and get out the Hot Wheels.  See how big you can make your creation!!

6.  Lightening Bug hunting.  This is a classic!!  Get out the mosquito spray and your jars and hit the yard at dusk!  So much fun to watch all those "glowing butts"!

7.  Chopped Jr. Smores Invention Contest.....pick a bunch of different candy and cookies and see who can invent the tastiest smores!  If you don't want to use a campfire, use marshmallow creme for speedy results.

8.  Glowing Dance Party....Shut off all the lights, break out the glow sticks and dance around the living room until you all drop!  What a fun way to finish off the evening, and great memories.

9.  Visit your local farmers market or just a local farm stand.  Get some fresh, yummy veggies and go home to enjoy the bountiful summer harvest.  Challenge your kids or even yourself, to try something new.

10.  Have a Chopped Jr. Contest.  Get a basket full of ingredients and see what they can create from it.  What a fun way to spend some time together.  

Hope everyone is having a wonderful summer together!!

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