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Bible Study Guide For All Ages Curriculum, Wall Maps and Time Line Review

We recently had the opportunity to review the Bible Study Guide For All Ages curriculum in the levels of Intermediate (3rd - 4th grade) and Advanced (5th - 6th grade) Levels, as well as the Wall Maps and Time Line and Label Book published by Bible Study Guide For All Ages.

We received lessons 1 - 26, which is the first books in this series that ranges from Beginner (ages 3 - Kindergarten), Primary (1st and 2nd grade), Intermediate (3rd-4th grade) and Advanced (5th-6th grade).  Each level offers you Student Pages and Teacher Pages, which you do need both to complete the Student Pages.  

Bible Study Guide For All Ages is an affordable, and different approach to studying the Bible with your family.  They provide a fun activity page to go with each section of the bible and scriptures you are studying.  Planning is very easy, since you just go in Lesson order.

The reason you need the Teacher's Guide for this program (remember...I'm not a fan of purchasing Teacher's Guides), is it provides extra information for you to read to your child as completing the pages.  It is really necessary and helpful to have the Teacher's Guide to make your study run smoother.

Student Pages

Teacher's Guide 

There are memory questions, and reinforcement from previous pages.

Here are examples of student pages and Teacher's Guide pages.  The top is the Student, bottom is the Teacher's Guide.

You can compare the top Student Pages to the same Teacher Pages.  The answers are provided, along with Questions to ask to draw your student out.  In the above pictures you can really see the extra material provided in the gray area of the Teacher's Guide.

There are also mapping sections.

Depending on your student, the material may take up to 30 minutes to complete.  You determine the pace.  You could easily cover a Lesson a Day, or just 1-2 a week depending on your Bible Study schedule.  I really like that you are able to have multiple levels at same time. The pages are created to their age level.  It does require you buying multiple levels, but while your pre-schooler is coloring a picture, your older student is coloring and filling in a map about the same material.  Saving you time!!

The kids enjoy these pages.  Bible figures are drawn fun and make Bible study a different experience.  The only materials you need are markers, colored pencils or crayons.  And your copy of the Bible.  You can use whatever version your family uses.

We also had the opportunity to review the large Wall Maps and Time Line and the Label Book.

WOW!!  This is such a cool option to add to your Bible study.  My problem, I have a huge area, or so I thought to hang them up and I was wrong.  Even after I quickly measured, I did not have enough room to hang the maps and the timeline.  So we had to improvise and lay it on the floor during our Bible study times.  This worked out well.

We were careful to not apply the labels in the creases.  So we were able to fold it back up easy.

Speaking of labels, you will want the Label Book along with these Wall Maps and Time Line.  This was a great resource!  Not only are the labels already printed and ready for you to cut out, but it is super organized for you.  Each lesson's labels are marked clearly for the Time Line or Wall Map.

And for people like me that need all the help they can get at times....there is a page showing exactly where to place the labels.

So I could easily follow along!

We also received the Bible Book Summary Cards ...These flash cards (which are larger sized and made of sturdy paper) are made to help your students to learn about all 66 books of the Bible.  They summarize in kids terms the information in each one.

Here are examples of the Bible Book Summary Cards:

Using the Bible Book Summary Cards from Bible Study Guide on Vimeo.

We have used all levels of the Bible Study Guide For All Ages curriculum and have thoroughly enjoyed the material.  Each level of 416 lessons will take your student and family through a study of the entire Bible.  You can do this at your own pace and the fact that you can do it with multiple age/grade levels is very helpful!

Still not sure, check out this video from Bible Study Guide For All Ages.

Intro to the Bible Study Guide from Bible Study Guide on Vimeo.

Several members of the Homeschool Review Crew were given the opportunity to review Bible Study Guide For All Ages.  Take some time to read about their experiences below.

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