Thursday, July 12, 2018

Summer Staycation Ideas

We have all had those vacations.  You know...THOSE vacations.  Those vacations where you need a vacation, from your vacation.  Things are hectic, too touristy and you are so overwhelmed.

Those are the vacations that you realize.... maybe staying home and watching movies is actually a better option.  So I thought I would look up some ideas for summer staycations!

1.  Get outdoors!!  How many state or even National Parks are within an hour drive of where you live?  Pack a picnic and take a hike.  If there is a lake, pack some swim gear.  Most state parks and national parks are free to enter, or just a minimal fee.  So budget friendly.

2.  What about a food tour of your town?  Visit Yelp or ask friends about their favorite restaurants.  You could plan an international theme even.  Plan out the restaurants you want to visit and do a little research, dress the part even!

3.  Be A Tourist in your Own Area.  Google, "Places to Visit....(list your area)"  You would be surprised how much there is to see in your area!!

4.  Plan out meals, if you are not eating out.  Splurge on convenience items to make cooking easier.  Use disposable paper products to keep dishes simple.

5.  Create a drive-in movie in your driveway.  Bring a television into the driveway or borrow a screen.  Pop some popcorn, get some candy and order some pizza!!  Relax in your lawn chairs or on blankets and pillows!  (You could do this in your living room too...depends on your outside temps and weather!)

6.  Have a water fight!  You can get inexpensive squirt/water guns at the Dollar stores.  Buckets of water and soft sponges replace those messy water balloons (but feel free to use those too!)  My daughter has just as much fun playing in the water while washing our

7.  Let every family member choose something to do that day.  It can be their special day.

8.  Have dessert for dinner at least a couple nights?!?  How cool is that!!  We have ice cream for dinner nights.  It freaks out my kids.  They don't know how to act.  You could even have an ice cream sundae building contest!

Make sure to leave one or two days where you plan absolutely nothing....NO SCHEDULES!!!  I struggle there, even on out-of-town vacations.

Keep an eye on your budget.  Staycations can be just as expensive as going out of town.  So be careful if you are trying to save money.

Everyone have a wonderful summer!!