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Julie Polanco - God Schooling: How God Intended Children to Learn Review

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We recently had the opportunity to review, God Schooling:  How God Intended Children to Learn written by Julie Polanco.  Ms. Polanco does a great job helping overwhelmed homeschool parents to feel more confident in their educational choices for their children.

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If you speak to any veteran homeschool parent, you will soon learn that homeschooling as easy as it sounds.  Parents who choose this educational style are not taking the easy way out.  They face many educational obstacles with their kids.  Some days they struggle to get work completed due to obstinate students.  Some days it is due to the amount of work that they need to accomplish both educationally and family responsibilities they also have.  How do you get it all done?  How do you deal with a stubborn child who is pushing the limits of your patience?  How do you balance being the parent and the teacher?  These are all questions that homeschool families face.  I know over our nine years of homeschooling, I still face new challenges since all of our children are very different in their educational styles.

In God Schooling:  How God Intended Children to Learn, Julie Polanco speaks from her heart and from experience.  Whether discussing her opinion on what is the best motivation technique (which REALLY made me think) to how to handle teaching with various age groups, she gives examples of what worked with her own family and raising her own children.  She also refers back to the Bible, and the advice that we need to be reminded about.  God truly gave us a full list of laws to help us, and we sometimes get so wrapped up in life that we forget that our Bibles are really what we need to turn to for help.

The second chapter on Motivation & Excellence really got me thinking.  I have for years tried various motivation techniques, including money/allowance and treats, to get things done.  But the majority of those attempts have backfired on me.  I wasn't truly teaching my children to be the best they want to be, just the best that I want them to be.  She goes through the rest of the chapter and explains various types of children's personalities and also to force yourself to look at what YOU are doing.  Are you truly setting a good example for your child/family?  

At the end of each chapter, the author has included review questions to really make you think.  I have found God Schooling:  How God Intended Children to Learn to be a read review for me.  It has made me think about the struggles we were starting to have in our homeschool.  I was wondering how I was going to tackle these issues.  I have actually been dreading the start of school because of this.  Now I feel better equipped to take on the challenges that have presented themselves with educational styles and motivation.

Included also is information for families that need help with record-keeping and even suggestions for natural learning with some structure.  I really liked the suggestions that she has given, and they are ideas that anyone can easily use to help their homeschool.

I have several sticky notes with highlighted sections for reminders to help me get started this year.  Even after nine years, we can all use help.  Julie Polanco has now been added to my summer reading list to help keep me motivated and sending me reminders.

God Schooling:  How God Intended Children to Learn is available in both printed form, as well as e-book.  The Ebook is on sale half price through August 22, 2018.

Several members of the Homeschool Review Crew were given the opportunity to review God Schooling:  How God Intended Children to Learn written by Julie Polanco.  Click on the link below to see what they thought of this title and how they plan to use it in their homes.

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