Monday, September 24, 2018

Menu Monday - Week of September 23

It's another Krazy week with the Kuehners'.  I'm still working on balancing. This week swimming starts back up.  The girls have a project fair they are getting ready for.  I have a couple meetings.  And as usual, I am always behind.  But I stuck with the normal way I have been planning meals, because it works for us.  No one has gone hungry yet.  There were a few last minute changes last week.  We had cheeseburgers one night, instead of what was planned.  One day for lunch they had pizza.  But I still planned this week in normal style.  I use a spreadsheet that is broken down in the week by days and the activities that day.  Then I do not worry about planning a meal that takes extra steps on a day where I have limited time.  If things do get crazy and we end up not eating whatever was planned that day, it just switches out until the next week.

I do keep our menu posted on the fridge and I check it each morning to keep track of what I need to start.  I also make a note on my weekly to-do list if I need to make something ahead of time.  I'm hoping maybe we can get a bigger freezer one of these days.  Then I can freeze some meals ahead of time!!

This week we are traveling to Greenland in Geography.  So our Geography lunch in on Tuesday.  And our history meal is lunch on Thursday this week, they'll be learning about New Zealand and Australia (Story of the World Volume 2)

Week of September 23, 2018

Sunday - We spent the day at Cedar Point.  So it was quick to go Breakfast and a light snack when they got home last night.

B- Sausage biscuits with fruit
L - Potato soup and hm pretzels
D - Tuna cakes and cheesy noodles (Caty is cooking today)

B- Cereal
L- Baked fish with friend potatoes and Greenland cake
D - Potatoes au gratin with turkey sausage & Peas

B - French toast w/ oranges
L - Packed lunches (Co-op day)
D- Chicken tamale Pie (which I will make on Tuesday for heat-up on Wednesday and Thursday)

B- Pumpkin oatmeal
L- Australian meat pies
D - Chicken nuggets and french fries

B- Cinnamon toast and fruit
L - French toast sticks w/ sausage
D - Homemade pizzas

B-Sausage biscuits w/ fruit
L - Eating out
D - Chicken tater tot casserole (I'll make this Friday for heat-up all'll be a busy weekend)

What's on your menu this week??  Favorite recipes??