Friday, November 9, 2018

Just a lot crammed into one week.....

I love fall!!  Unfortunately the weird weather this year has not given us much of a chance to enjoy beautiful colors.  It was so hot and then bam we got hit with wet and cold weather.  But I'm trying to enjoy the beautiful trees as much as I can. 

This week was a bit crazy.  My aunt lost her husband, my uncle, the end of last week.  So the first part of this week was spent at the funeral home helping my aunt as much as I could.  

Sports this week were a little quiet.  They had bowling, swimming (Regionals are next weekend!), riding and also archery.  Soon starts basketball!!

The girls learned how to use the diving blocks better this week.

For Pumpkin Day.... we had pumpkin fudge (Low-carb) and pumpkin manicotti.  Neither dish was popular with the kids.  But they all tried it.

Toward the end of the week some friends of ours found some woolly bear caterpillars for us to watch.  We were so excited!!!  We spent a few hours last week watching videos and reading about their life cycle.  The girls made a caterpillar habitat for them and we have them on our back deck to watch this winter/spring.

I found this game at Meijers a couple weeks ago to play with the girls.  I think they liked it.  It's called Fishing for Words.

Caty started multiplication (again).  She had some regression that we had to look at.  One of our math activities was a multiplication dice game.

 In Science we worked on Genetics.  It's going to be our topic for a couple weeks.  They did a taste test of PTC paper.  It was interesting.  Some our kids tasted the paper and one did not.

We got the idea from the Amoeba Sister videos on Youtube.  I highly recommend that science series for middle school science!

Our geography this week....we are working on our geography fair project.  So we did not do an in-depth study of Panama.  But we did watch a video on the Panama canal and a couple other touristy type videos.

Reading while I was teaching at co-op.  Doesn't everyone read like this?!?!

We did spend a couple days literally driving kids between activities including sports, archery practice, work and Social Skills therapies.  And then Friday morning we literally spent 3 hours getting initial checks done at a new doctor office.  I wasn't sure about this new practice, but we have been super impressed.  They answered a lot of my questions and actually listened...I mean listened to us.  

We caught a Home Depot workshop, which kind of got Caty out of a bad mood...slightly.  She had a rough week of highs and many lows with her blood sugar.

Had to do a Costco run...I seriously hate all forms of grocery shopping right now.

The local library had their Manga Club meeting.  Caty loved playing Just Dance with the group.  She wants to go back.

The mess one morning in the living room.

We did more drawing.  Caty asked if we could do this more often, since she enjoys it.

Hanging with the dogs.

Working on her bible reading.

We bought a new entertainment stand that has a heater in it.  I'll take more pictures later.  They did well working together to finish this project.

It was a rough couple weeks of eye appointments, doctor check-ups, and even a few more dentist visits/follow-ups.  Made for a rough week fitting schoolwork in.  But we did manage to fit in the basics making use of "van-schooling" as I call it.  Lydia also managed to get her guitar and piano practice in.  I can't wait for more to slow down in the next could weeks.  I'm using Lisa Tanner Writing - Balancing Diapers and Deadlines to try and organize us through the new level of craziness.

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  1. your week looks very busy - but very fun too! Thanks for linking up!

  2. Wow! How do you get all of that done in one week. Amazing. Lots of fun to be had by all.
    Blessings, Dawn

  3. In the last two weeks all three of my kids needed physical appointments, dentist/ orthodontic appointments, etc and we too feel like we have been spending lots of school time on the road. Sorry to hear about your uncle.