Sunday, December 9, 2018

Life goes Upside Down

Last week our life got turned upside down.  After leaving the girls State Swim Competition, my husband suffered a massive heart attack.  We were heading to a local amusement park that is open on the weekends during the winter and he started feeling bad.  It got bad very quickly.  We pulled over and ended up calling 9-1-1 while sitting in a Target parking lot.  He was taken to a local hospital and airlifted to the closest heart center.  There he underwent emergency stint surgery.  Fortunately they were able to do the surgery through his arm.  So basic surgery recovery was easy.

The surgery went well...and he was only there a few days.  But life was definitely upside down.  This is definitely not something I thought we would be experiencing in our early 40s.  He was already making dietary and lifestyle changes prior to this happening.  In fact over a several month period we got his numbers more manageable and things seemed under control.  But now there are new restrictions and new meds that has taken  over our life as we get used to the new way of things. 

He is getting stronger.  We have had a few scares, including his stints causing arteries to spasm.  New meds have helped him tremendously, as well as going to the chiropractor to help with some joints that are out of alignment due to a lot of jostling from the ambulance and helicopter rides.   He is exercising slowly and using the new Apple watch to watch his heart during exercise. 

Very thankful for his recovery and we still have him with us.

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