Saturday, February 16, 2019

Great Britain, Finger Knitting, Asia and Baseball Science

Lydia wanted some extra cursive practice. I found this joke book online for her to use.  With her hand tremors, writing can be difficult at times.

Our Geography country this week was ... England.  But we spent time learning the difference between the United Kingdom, Great Britain and England.  I agree with the girls...just confusing. 

The girls made their own geography lunch.  I helped with the frying though....they made fish and chips.  They used this recipe for no beer batter fish.  Joe said it was great!

Caty started the Asia unit from Homeschool Complete.  Our first day we spent time learning where the continents are.  She copied the names of the continents on cards and then she had to arrange them on the table about where they would be.

She did some money math also.

Chinese paper art.

Caty's reading from this week..

She decided to try the eggs from this cookbook.  She did NOT like the sweet in the eggs.  She said sugar didn't belong in her

And this was a week of Finger-knitting.  Joey knitted Caty a scarf.  Lydia and Caty started scarves that will be gifts.

During our family Bible study this week we learned about showing appreciation.  They wrote out Thank you cards to the elders in our congregation.  They were proud of all their hard work. 

Caty wearing Joey's finished scarf for her.

Lydia studied the Baseball unit from Homeschool Complete.  She loves playing softball in the summer.  This was a great way for her to study the history of baseball.  She also learned about several different baseball greats.

Some of her reading.  We watched several videos on baseball science.

For art this week, they started using an acryllic book from Artistic Pursuits.  This week they were supposed to do a still life from the kitchen.  Caty wanted to do a Pringles can.

Lydia a pile of candy.  Lydia is still working on hers.

We spent that afternoon watching all the Paddington the Bear movies to go with our study of England.  Everything had been cancelled due to an ice/snow threat.  So we just stayed inside.

But our co-op was not cancelled.  Trouble was...I teach an internet based class.  The internet was totally out.  I had to get a plan B in place quickly.  So Lydia helped me cut out a couple of games for me to play in my classes before she headed to her classes.

That same night I had 4H Volunteer training.  Every year volunteers need to be updated on new policies.  Our Club's leaders meet and plan out our calendar for the year.....4H Season has now begun!

Half our games were cancelled this week.  But we got to play two of them.  We lost one and won one.

At our 4H meeting, we not only went through information about projects for our county, but did some super fun activities.  We challenged two teams to build the tallest balloon towers.  Great STEM project.   They also had a "Snowball" fight.  They had to write down 3 facts about themselves.  Then crumple the paper and they threw them at each other.  They read the facts and had to figure out who wrote the facts.  They had a blast with that!

The boys waiting for their game to start on Saturday.

We didn't have Science Club this week due to some of the kids being sick.  So we worked a little in our science book.  Finishing up the periodic table next week.  Caty is reading like crazy about Harriett Tubman for her Living Museum project.  Lydia is working on her P.T. Barnum book. 

Life isn't settling down.  Next week is the first playoff game for the Mens basketball team.  So I'm super nervous for them all.  These guys have worked hard all year!  Lots of dr appts, volunteer meetings and prep for the upcoming soup challenge.  This is our life right now.

Hope everyone had a great week!!  See you next week!!

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