Saturday, February 23, 2019

Periodic Table, First Playoff Game, and the Planning Begins

We have one that has officially graduated.  But due to all kinds of turmoil in the house, we haven't been able to have a party for him.  So Joey is finally getting his graduation party soon.  I feel horrible that we didn't have it in the fall, but I was not well.  Caty was diagnosed then, and then Joe had his heart attack.  It literally has been one obstacle after another.  Joey is very excited and already spreading word.  He picked a super hero theme.  So we are working on that for him.

Our country in Geography this week was Italy.  I made the national dish of Italy for lunch on Monday and it was a hit.  Ragu Bolognese.

Some of the topics we covered in History this week were the Haitian Revolution, Hans Christian Anderson, the Napoleonic Wars.  We watched this very interesting video on the borders between Haiti and the Dominican Republic.

In Science we were working on re-introducing the Periodic Table.  One of our experiments was finding the gases that chemical reactions produce.  In this experiment the peroxide mixed with manganese dioxide made oxygen.

We placed a wooden coffee stirrer with a slight ember still going into the tube and it flared back up.

Our supplies were messed up with our other experiment, so we will try that again next week.

For art we talked about Paul Cezanne.  They worked on a still life.

The boys basketball team had their first playoff game this week....they won.

Joey and Joe went to see the first Gundam movie on the big screen.    It was a special showing.

Lydia received a pretty amazing reward for hard work this week.  She has a new riding sponsor.  So excited for our upcoming riding season.

Friday night the boys played at the Fulton County Special Olympics Homecoming.  Joey actually spent 1 1/2 years at this school several years ago.  His picture is still in the hall way 💚.

Joey wanted to make dinner.  He used premade country fried steaks, and I showed him how to make homemade white gravy and mashed potatoes.  He was pretty proud and says he has a new favorite meal.

Caty planted some seeds early.  Peas, parsley and some onion sprouts.  Keep you updated on how they grow.

Hope everyone had a wonderful week!!!  See you next!

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