Saturday, February 2, 2019

Schooling Around Life.....

We started out our week at the zoo to learn more about the ZooTeen program that Lydia would like to be involved in.  Our local zoo has a teen program that starts at age 13.  She's pretty excited to try this out, but not loving the application process.

This week in Science Club we finished up talking about the States of matter in Science.

They worked on a few experiments on gases and volume.

They took the helium balloons out in the cold air and watched them shrink.  Then brought them back in the warm room and saw them re-inflate with the temperature.

They pulled out the food vac and messed around for a while.  They checked marshmallows..

And foam shave cream.

On Tuesday, Brayden had to have some teeth pulled to make room for adult teeth.  He just had some pesky teeth that wouldn't leave.  He did great!

In Geography we learned about Ireland.  I made Irish stew for lunch, but forgot to get a picture of it.  The kids really liked it.  We learned a lot about Ireland, but will be spending another couple days to discuss briefly about the war with the north.  We'll be covering it in history soon enough. 

The girls and I studied about Ruth and Naomi and talked about the traits we want to see in our friends and the traits that we need to exhibit to gain the best friends.  We watched this great video about Ruth and Naomi.

It got so cold where we lived.  We were hit with a Polar Vortex.  Our wind chill hit -45F!!  We were colder than Antarctica for a couple days.  All of our sports and co-op was cancelled.  So I took advantage and did some crocheting.  I learned how to do the Granny Stitch.

Joey's Day-hab was cancelled for 3 days.  He was not happy.  But declared PJ Day and did as little as possible all

We took advantage of the cold and attempted a couple cold weather experiments.  Our bubbles didn't turn out like the videos.  Our boiling water was a bit more successful.

I took advantage and froze a couple meals ahead.

We held a movie party with friends.  It was a lot of fun and we can't want to do this again.

Lots more fun coming in the spring as we plan for Joey's graduation party too!!

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