Saturday, February 9, 2019

Scotland, Family Dance, Anne Frank and Cookie experiment

I will admit I did not do a great job with photos this week.  It was a full week of sports games and basketball cheerleading.  Our co-op was cancelled again due to an ice storm.  Hopefully next week we will get to go!!

After the Polar Vortex 2019 we got really nice and sunny weather.  It was warm enough to walk to our friends house.  So off Caty and I went on a walk.

Our countries this week was Scotland.  I made a Meat pastry, Bridie for lunch on Monday.  It was a hit.

Some books from this week.

We watched videos about the Loch Ness monster, the geography of Scotland and landmarks.  We also watched Brave, Braveheart and Waterhorse.  We had a little bit of time off this week since co-op was cancelled.  I used some movies as fillers.

The girls worked on writing full sentences.  Caty even agreed to try to learn cursive writing.  We'll wait and see.  Hopefully she'll be able to at least sign her name. 

In History we studied about Napoleon Bonaparte, Marie Antoinette and the French Revolution.  Lots of videos and audiobooks this week.

In Science we continued to learn about matter and experiments.  I had the kids made almond flour shortbread cookies.  But one batch following recipe and one batch adding gelatin as a softener.  They reviewed how to read the periodic table of elements also.

The results were mixed.  It was an even mix of who liked which batch of cookies.

This was a project that Joey brought home from Dayhab this week.

The girls finally had a basketball game.  But they also cheered for the men's game right after theirs.  It was a busy night.  The boys had an away game that Joe took them too.

While the boys practiced, Joe and I used the gym.  Caty

Before one of the boy's games this week, Joe and Lydia practiced for a bit.

Lydia started back archery last week.  She loves this.  She had a very good week this week.

Then we rushed home so that they could go with Daddy to the Me and My Guy Under the Sea Dance.

Our Saturday plans were cancelled, so we decided to go to an area library and see a traveling Anne Frank exhibit.  It wasn't what I was expecting.  But this library was beautiful, and it was a nice day out.  We enjoyed it.  A good friend came with us also.  It really was a great day to get out.

I worked hard over the weekend to catch back up.  I struggled this week staying on task.  My autoimmune has been acting up horribly.  And memory issues are a problem, as well as staying on task.  But we managed to get a few things done that have been on the list.  I want to get ahead since the boys have 4 basketball games next week!!!  The girls have 1 also, plus they cheer at the boys game.  The girls basketball season is winding down, and the boys are still going strong. 

Here's to next week!!!  Hope everyone had a wonderful week!!

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