Friday, March 29, 2019

Living History, Angola, IEW lessons, First Day of Spring, and Tennis

We started our week off with our annual Homeschool Living History Museum.  This year we have roughly 30 projects that ranged from Ed Sheeran to Blackbeard.  We represented the Wright Brothers, Harriet Tubman, and P.T. Barnum.

Tennis started back officially this week.  We are inside currently because the weather is not great.  Hopefully though we will be able to move outside in the next week or two.  Currently they are practicing serving and returns.

In Geography we learned about the country of Angola.  These are pictures of our geography meal.  I made:

Paracucua street peanuts

Portuguese Peri-Peri Chicken and corn fritters.

Lydia started a new program from Techie Homeschool Mom.  This week she learned about Grant Wood.

We did a lot of exercising this week.  Joey is old enough to join us on the gym equipment.  So he started his membership to the gym so that he can exercise also.

While I was getting Brayden and Caty to walk, Joe and Lydia were shooting some hoops.

On our way home one night, the sunset was beautiful!!

The first day of spring brought us:

Butterfly (LCarb) cupcakes

Baskets full of rainbows for each kiddo.  

Spring themed sandwiches for lunch with salads.

Candy flower pretzel treats

Rainbow waffles with fruit salads....

We tried standing an egg on end.  It worked.  But we were disappointed after researching this myth that it can be done at anytime of the year.

Caty had to transplant her pea plants.  They outgrew her egg cartons.

This week also brought Cook Club at the library.  This month's chef was Bobby Flay.  Caty picked out a garlic burger recipe to make.  This was a hit!   Every one of the kids loved them and so did the members of Cookbook Club.

We rocked out our mismatched socks for Rock Your Socks Day 2019 #rockyoursocks2019 for Down Syndrome Awareness!

Brayden has Joe's old cell phone now.  He saw a bird right next to the van and had to get a picture of it.  

On Friday we had a bunch of friends get together for basketball and fun.  Lydia is loving this!

Another of Lydia's projects was writing a story for the Toledo Library Story contest.  We started using IEW Fix-It Grammar because as we started this project, I really realized how much they were both struggling in writing.  We are working between The Nose Book and Robin Hood levels.  

Caty found a cupcake decorating book at the library.  We had to turned into a real "Nailed It" moment.

But they all really liked the cupcakes.  I have figured out how to continue to cut more sugar in baking.  Unfortunately this mix isn't the greatest.  But still trying.  Joey cannot eat almond flour, so sometimes that gets to be a struggle.

Lydia and Caty are both working their way through their Math programs.  Both still using Teaching Textbooks.  Lydia is working on multiplying Mixed numbers.  And other more "advanced" math other than addition/subtraction.  She and Brayden are working on the same level.

The girls started studying World War 2 this week.  Brayden is early American History.  He's studying pre-American Revolution through French-Indian War the next couple weeks.  He doing a combination of videos and non-fiction books, including the Who Was series.

Hope everyone is having a wonderful week!  See everyone next week... Linking up with other families....

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