Friday, March 22, 2019

Luxembourg, Periodic Table of Elements - Metals, Homecoming, and Pi Day

It was a busy week for us.  Basketball season was over this week.  March is Developmental Disability Month.  Our county does a lot of activities during the month to educate the community.  So we had a special game with the county next to us on Tuesday night.  Our county debuted our mascot that night....Henry C. Cougar.  The girls cheered and played with their Youth level basketball team.  The boys just played basketball, but everyone had a great time!!

Before the game she wouldn't put down her book.

 These popped up in my TimeHop.  The boys first full season with the youth team.  The team played state that year!

Our other basketball game this week was our County's Homecoming game and dance.  Last year we didn't stay for the dance.  This year we did.  The kids played their game and Lydia cheered with the cheerleaders.

But we had educational stuff to get done this week too.  In Science Club we talked about metals on the Periodic Table.  We also a friend come and talk with us about Luxembourg.  She was born and grew up there.  She made us a very rich pasta dish that her grandmother and mother taught her to make.  It was a hit.  It's called Nudelauflauf.

They looked at some melting points and used soldering materials.

Caty worked hard on pie crusts this week.  After all it was Pi Day on Thursday.  On Sunday she made a low-carb graham cracker crust with sugar free chocolate pudding.

Then on Thursday she worked on two pie crusts to go with her project.  The one did not turn out well, so she'll be working on that one again.

With her leftover crust, she made pie crust sticks with cinnamon and sugar.

I made them shepherd's pie to go with Pi Day on Thursday.

In Art, Caty studied Van Gogh and worked on trying to re-create the flowing lines of Starry Night.

We had several dr. appointments this week.  Tuesday they had a med check and then we went to sell Girl Scout cookies at a local company over their lunch break.  Caty could not put down this series.  She's reading the How to Train Your Dragon book series. 

In Grammar, the girls started using IEW's Robin Hood.  Paragraphs and other grammatical errors in their writing has been making story writing almost impossible.  So we are working hard on that and will be focusing on it during the next few months.  Even when typing a paragraph, they struggle with sentence structure.  It's something that's in their brain, but just doesn't flow through on the paper.

In Math, Lydia is working on adding/subtracting fractions without the same denominator.  She's frustrated.  I reminded her that I hated math at the same time.  It's always hard, but practice helps.  That's why I like Teaching Textbooks.  Lots of review in each lesson.

Another adventure we went on, a friend of ours was visiting family in Mexico.  So we had to drive up to Detroit to pick him up from the airport.  We had bad thunderstorms rolling through our area that day.  This was the sight in front of us for several miles of our drive.

In History we continued reading about World War 1 and finished reading:

Simple History - World War 1

Chester Comix - World War 1
 DK book on World War 1

We listened to the chapters in Story of the World Volume 4 about World War 1.  We also watched:

Sgt. Stubby

All Quiet on the Western Front

The Passing Bells

They also spent a couple days watching the video series Simple History on Youtube.  These animated videos are great for kids to learn more about "boring" history.  I really like them.

Another week down in the books .... How was your week?  Hope everyone had a wonderful week!!!  See you next week!  

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  1. Ooh! I have been looking for World War I materials! Have you read Dazzle ships? It's about a camouflage technique that the British and United States used during World War I to try and save their ships from German U boat attacks.

  2. Basketball looks like a lot of fun, all the food looks so delicious, and the artwork is gorgeous! What a great week!

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