Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Burma, Pushing Through History, Book Carnival 2019

T-minus 2 weeks until Joey's Graduation party.  The planning is well underway. 

Another busy week done in the books.  I'm starting our summer schedule planning on top of the the graduation party planning.  What are you planning this summer???  I'm thinking about letting Caty do Time 4 Learning so that she can learn at her own pace this summer, and even do some review.  I'm not sure what to do for Lydia yet.  What are some things you are doing for your kids for a more laid back and yet "structured" (for lack of a better word) children.

Brayden got a couple cooking projects out of the way.  He made pumpkin muffins and oatmeal chocolate chip cookies.

This week our country was Burma.  I made Burmese Breakfast Stew for our meal.  This was NOT a hit.  The kids did not like the fish in the soup.  I think if it would have been chicken, they would have liked it.

In Science Club, we did experiments with hot and cold.  We are still watching our Open/Closed System project.  We are leaving it out so that we can watch the weights.

In this experiment we made liver enzyme disks to watch the reaction of chemicals.

They separated ionic bonds

The release of Carbon dioxide cutting out oxygen feeding the fire.

We got to go outside for tennis this week.  It was such a nice night.  First time all season due to the high school boys tennis schedule (we use the high school courts) and the weather.

Lydia finally got her hoverboard.  She was super excited.  She's been doing her schoolwork on it.

This week we learned about the Korean War, the Space Race, and the start of the Cold War - including the construction of the Berlin Wall.  The girls worked on a informational booklet about the Korean War.  We watched several Simple History videos and a few documentaries about each of the above subjects.  This is a movie Caty found at the library that was left over from World War 2.

Loving her hoverboard.

Nice weather for track/cycling finally.

And then the weather took a downward turn.  It was a busy week for me since Joe was on a trip.  So I was balancing everything, including all the plans for Joey's party.

In her sewing class, Caty finally finished her pants from last semester. She lost interest in them.  But they are finally done!

The sewing class, along with the Dr Who History class made pencil cases also.

This didn't help my mood as allergens started heading up...

We were also busy working on their shadow boxes/dioramas for the annual Book Carnival.  Caty decided to hand make several pieces of her diorama.  Here she is painting the tea set, cake, and food pieces for her Alice in Wonderland themed box.

Lydia is hard at work practicing for her upcoming show in Columbus in May.

The rain caused some issue for one of our track/cycling meetups this week.

But most of us were able to get out for some of it.

At least volleyball practice is indoors.

On Friday, Brayden made lunch/dinner.  He was to make a pasta type salad.  So he made a family favorite of cheese tortellini with sauteed sausage.  He tried it with diced onions this time.  He wasn't a fan of the onions.

But Caty and Joey loved it.

The Book Carnival final results....

Caty made the table that the food is on.  She used her 3D pen to create the table.  It was time consuming but very cool

Lydia's project is Series of Unfortunate Events Austere Academy.  She used pipe cleaners to create the mold from the ceiling of the cabin and the hay bales the kids had to sleep on.

We had our 4H meeting this week.  And then we rushed to meet up with friends to play volleyball for a couple hours.  It was a lot of fun.  We love doing this every few Fridays.  I just have to start timing it better.  It definitely gets rushed on 4H nights.

I spent a lot of time over the weekend then finishing collecting pictures from my files of Joey for his party.  That is such a time consuming project.  I may start on Brayden's file now.  It gives me a year to collect all his pictures!  After a full-week of activities and running....we are down to ..... One-week until Joey's graduation party!!!

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