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Supercharged Science - e-Science Homeschool Science Curriculum Review

Teaching science just from a textbook can be so boring.  We recently had the opportunity to review Supercharged Science - e-Science Homeschool Science Curriculum, a fun video-based, hands-on approach to science.  

Science is a subject that I just feel like I struggle in teaching.  I have a basic grasp on topics, but fear if the kids may ask questions beyond my base knowledge.  It happens and most times I can find the answer, but it would be nice to have access to videos that I do not need to pre-watch for inappropriate content like I need to currently do.  

At Supercharged Science they want to take away the boring part of science, and help the educators out too.  There is not stacks of boring textbooks and piles of papers.  They want to take you into the fun stuff, the experiments and hands-on adventures.  They want to help provide your child with a strong foundation that will help them through college and beyond.

The Supercharged Science - e-Science Homeschool Science Curriculum includes over 900 science activities, experiments and projects for PK through high school.  They provide lesson plans, data/lab sheets, exercises, reading materials, and quizzes.  There are also videos of real scientists in action.  e-Science Homeschool Science Curriculum makes it super easy to use, even providing a full tutorial on how to start and advance through the course.  There is even a section on how to keep a science journal to help track your student's progress.

We have been studying Chemistry this last year, and we had the opportunity to go through projects in this section.

Using e-Science Homeschool Science Curriculum is very user friendly.  You can easily choose what section you would like to start in and work your way from there.  There are plenty of safety videos to encourage children to follow proper scientific processes, but still encourage children to explore through trial and error.  But you can choose by grade level also, and simply advance through each unit.  Very easy to adapt to your family's learning style and interest.

We started out by watching the videos and downloading the worksheets for the experiment.  The worksheets contain more reading about the science experiment and some history on the project.  They also contain experiment materials needed and questions for the student to answer typically after they have worked on the experiment.  And just in case you are struggling....the answers are there for parents that have students working independently.

Working on the Electrolysis project:

We did most of the experiment questions through oral question and answer, since we were working on the projects together.  But the reading material was very interesting to go through and gave us extra material to work with past the experiment video.  We were able to get excellent explanations about why things were happening.

Supercharged Science - e-Science Homeschool Science Curriculum is for use with students in K - 12th grades.  So you can teach multiple levels in a family using this program.  There are advanced topics for middle school students that are gifted, and also suggestions and ideas section for science fair projects.

But you can also choose by topic, which is how we chose to use the program since the girls were in the same science topics but different grade levels.  

Throughout each science topic covered, your student is encouraged to keep a science journal of the studies.  Not only do they keep notes on the experiments they have done, but she has also encouraged them to keep pictures in the journal also.  Since Caty struggles more with writing currently, we did not enforce the journal requirement.

I really like that Supercharged Science - e-Science Homeschool Science Curriculum has provided so much information and material at my disposal for scientific studies.  It definitely makes learning more fun!!  There is a flexibility that allows me to choose to present what I want to and when I want to.  Lesson length can be made as long or as short as I need to for that science class.  This works great for the different learning types and disabilities that we have in our house.  The kids can also work independently on many of the topics, which is great when you are working with multiple kids.

Several members of the Homeschool Review Crew were given the opportunity to review Supercharged Science - e-Science Homeschool Science Curriculum.  Click on the link below to see how they used this in their homes and what they thought of it.

e-Science Homeschool Science Curriculum {Supercharged Science Reviews}
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