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Hewitt Homeschooling Resources - Grade 4 Lightning Literature & Composition Review

If you are looking for a good combination of grammar mixed with literature, you need to check out the latest program we had the opportunity to review ..... Grade 4 Lightning Literature & Composition set from Hewitt Homeschooling Resources.  We have loved the stories and learned so much with our review of this program.

It's harder and harder to instill a love of literature into our kids.  In this age of technology, kids are more absorbed in their apps and video games.  And there are a place for them in our lives.  But so much can be learned from a good book, whether it be fiction or non-fiction.  So it's very important start instilling this love very early.  Hewitt Homeschooling is there to help families.  The Lightning Literature series was created to get kids reading and also writing.  It is a great combination and kids do not even realize they are learning from the fun books they are exploring.

Lydia and I had the opportunity to use the Grade 4 Lightning Literature & Composition.  We received the Lightning Literature & Composition - Grade 4 Student Workbook and Teacher's Guide.  The list of literature include The Earth Dragon Awakes, Morning Girl, The One and Only Ivan, Gone Fishing, Where the Mountain Meets the Moon, Nim's Island and so many more classic titles.

This program is super easy to use.  The only material that you need besides your actual Student Workbook and Teacher's Guide is the literature book you will be using.  The first few weeks, the you will use each book over a minimum of a two week period, if you follow the exact schedule.  The nice thing is that the Teacher's Guide has all the information completely laid out.

You simply follow along with what needs to be done that day.  Each week is laid out into a 4 day schedule.

Every day you will read so many chapters with your child, or they will read them independently.

There are also lesson expansion activity suggestions.  This ranges from doing science experiments with coconuts to learning about herbal medicines.  When reading the One and Only Ivan we researched pet stores and science experiments that are done on animals and if this is ethical and moral to do.  This can easily be left off.  Lightning Literature & Composition is easily adjustable for your student's work level, so it can be used with kids who are gifted or those who may have disabilities.  You can follow the suggested schedule or speed up/slow down as needed.

In this Student Workbook, their work is all laid out daily also.  Depending on your child's level of independence, some students could easily work independently on the literature and comprehension section this program.

There is even a student checklist laid out in their workbook to help keep them organized each week.

As you can see, each day there is also some sort of grammar or writing technique worked on along with the comprehension questions.  Hewitt Homeschooling has done a great job combining the subjects of reading comprehension and grammar/writing.  As the student is reading a professionally printed story (many are classics), they are daily seeing examples of complete sentences, paragraphs and detailed writing.  This example allows them to learn more as they expand on the material.

Lydia and I spend roughly 30 minutes - 4 days a week on this program.  She has thoroughly enjoyed all of the stories that we have read so far.  The nice thing is that they are all available at our local library, but you can easily purchase them inexpensively from various online retailers also.  We bought some and borrowed others from the library.  Lydia gets very upset when we finish reading the assigned chapters daily.  She wants me to keep reading.  The books that are on this list are great choices for both male and female students.  One more thing about the books, we found that most of the books are also available on audiobook.  So we were able to borrow the audio and the book digitally from the library.  This made it easy for Lydia to read when she was having a hard day focusing.  She was able to listen to the chapters for that day, and easily answer the comprehension questions.  She absolutely LOVES this program....I do not hear any whining about getting her literature/grammar done daily!

The full-color Student Workbook covers Grammar skill topics that range from using nouns, verbs, descriptive words, editing/proofreading topics, similes/metaphors, compound subject & predicates, writing complete sentences, fragment and run-on sentences, and a heavy dose of diagramming sentences properly.

We have used Grade 8 Lightning Literature with Joey, and we loved that level.  I am so impressed with Grade 4 Lightning Literature & Composition that even though I'm mainly using it for review with Lydia, we will continue through the rest of the Middle school levels to help her get where she needs to be for her grammar/writing skills.

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