Saturday, July 27, 2019

Very HOT week....A visitor.....4H Awards......

It was a very hot week!!  We were under a Heat Warning for a couple days it was so hot!!  Feels like temps of 110 degrees F!!

But the wild flowers in the employee parking at the zoo was still beautiful.

She worked two days....since Robby came home with us from Balloon Fest, we hung out at the zoo during one of Lydia's shifts.

We explored the new museum that opened in June.

Snakes were shedding...creepy and cool all at the same time.

Caty and Robby fed the parakeets.

Then we came home and had friends over.  We played games and the kids played in the pool.

Caty had Farm Camp this week.  She looks forward to this every year!  It was not a disappointment this year either.  She loved it as always.  It was a balancing week for Joe and I.  Keeping up with who had to be where was exhausting.  Joe and I spent a lot of time behind the wheels of our vehicles.  Someone always needed to be somewhere, and that included my mom for therapy appointments too.

So it was a crockpot week...between the schedule and heat it only made sense.

The annual 4H Awards Banquet was Tuesday night. 

Robby learned how to make zucchini bread.

Lydia learned how to can Strawberry Jam.

Softball practice

And I got ready for a Homeschool Book Sale.

Our last 4H meeting of the season....3 of our kids had their demos.

And a cool obstacle course.

What a week....and yes we survived!  I'm looking forward to fair season being over soon and resting a little in August!!

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