Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Cedar Point, Zoo Visit, Animal Fair, Sturgeon Release and Art

I'm not sure how I will handle life when and if it ever slows down.  Just a few more weeks before Cedar Point closes for the season.  We took the girls on Sunday and it was packed.  Not sure I'm going to like the new Gold Passes they are selling.  We are probably going to skip next year.  But I love that they did squash art again of Snoopy and Woodstock.  I have loved seeing these the last few years.

We watched them make a glass pumpkin.

And enjoyed the petting zoo area.  Caty was enthralled with this swan.

Lunch was fun...hadn't eaten in Johnny Rockets yet.

The funnel cake lines were ridiculous.  So I got up and made them funnel cakes for breakfast on Monday.  They aren't spoiled at all.  I never do anything for them...lol

On Monday we had a busy day of activities.  We started at the zoo.  We saw some baby flamingos.

The Tasmanian Devil

Watch the river otters play.

We plan on visiting the zoo almost monthly just to study more intensely specific areas and animals.  This time we studied more about the animals of Tembo Trail.

They had questions sheets to fill out as we went.

Our little Zoo Crew.

And then we headed to the Homeschool Animal Fair.  The girls did projects on Raccoons and the Stone Fish this year.

Caty did her own face paint.

Lydia colored her hair to look like a stonefish.

The state we explored was Connecticut.  We had a funny story to remind ourselves about for this state.  We actually spent a week in Connecticut.  Unfortunately we were snowed in.  When we arrived, a blizzard hit.  I had time to get groceries, and then we were snowed in.  The governor basically closed the state.  Joe worked from the hotel room even, as we watched 18 inches of snow pile up overnight and during the day.  So we did not get to explore much in this state.  Maybe sometime in the future we will get to visit again.  For our state meals we have clam pizza...

Ice Cream sodas

I made burgers and potato salad like they serve at the iconic Louis Burgers in Connecticut.  The kids actually liked this.  Not everyone is a fan of potato salad though.

Our books for the week

On Wednesday, Brayden interviewed for a holiday position at Game Stop.  He studied interview questions for a few days, and I asked him questions also.  To give him extra practice.  He had a resume, and even applied online.  They said he did great, but he wasn't 18 yet.  So they said to come back in the spring.

All of the kids have been using Calvert Homeschool Online program the last few weeks.  Watch for our upcoming review on the subjects that we have been using....

On Thursday I had an appointment for Brayden to discuss future job opportunities, but Lydia also had a chiropractor appt at a new place.  Her back is so out of place.  So I thought, let's make a morning of it.  We went to Hobby Lobby and got some new alcohol ink markers for drawing.  And had coffee/muffins at a coffee shop and worked on drawing using Creating a Masterpiece.  This was fun to do.  Watch for our upcoming review on this product also.

Caty is really into drawing for "Inktober".  She is spending a lot of time drawing and creating.

She even tried out string art on canvases she purchased with her own money.

On Friday after I taught classes, we headed to a local history talk about our area.

Over the weekend we attended a local flea market.  I picked up a few great deals.  Including some brand new kennels for transporting animals to the fair during 4H season.

Another find was from a local author...this looks like a great mystery series.

Caty put her art in the marketplace area for sale.  She has some more ideas for the spring show, including doing caricatures.   It should be interesting....so much going through her mind.

Lydia worked at the zoo all weekend.  She got the privilege to help release lake sturgeon on Saturday am.  (She was in a couple shots from the news clip that was on a local TV station) Then she worked on zoo grounds on Sunday and also helped with Terracycle sorting.  Busy weekend for her.

It was a slow week in sports.  We had an informational meeting about the upcoming basketball season.  But no practices, since it was between weeks.  That was nice.  But they did have bowling.

I got a chance Friday night to finally go and see the new Downton Abbey movie!!  I was enthralled the entire two hours.  It was great!!  I love that series.

It was a busy week, and as I make the menu for next week and look at the schedule...I may have hyperventilated a bit.  The rest of the month is a flurry of activity and field trips.  We are cramming a few extra outdoor trips in before winter sets in.

Hope everyone had a great week!!

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