Monday, November 4, 2019

Bowling Tournament, 4H Awards, Japanese Quiz, Washington D.C.

Brayden got to attend his first State Team Bowling event last year.  So he was excited to get to bowl this year.  It's something that only he does out of the 4 kids.  So this makes it special for him.

He's into cool and funky socks.  He was sporting his Reese's socks that day.

His team placed 2nd !!

Our state bowling participants.

A difference between last year and this year.

Monday morning brought blood work and med checks at the psychologist for the kids.  Joe and I have to have annual blood work for our insurance.  Normally it's after the first of the year.  This year they moved that date up.  So we had until the middle of November.  We just got it done as soon as we could.  I was still feeling pain from the toothache I suffered from all day on Sunday.  So Joe got me into a new dentist.   Needless to say, it wasn't good news.  The week before I took a basketball to the face in practice.  And the ball messed up two teeth.  I had an infection and they need to be pulled.  No way to repair them.  So I'll be having dental work in a week or so to fix those.  Because of the long time this all took, we had to cancel science club.

But I did manage to get them to basketball practice.

Caty had major studying to do for a Japanese quiz.  She is trying hard, even with her memory issues to try and catch on.  She really is enjoying this class.

For Geography we continued in the Maryland area and learned more about Washington D.C., our nation's capital.  We spent a lot of time there a few years ago.  So much history and so many museums we visited.

They watched this video about D.C.  And we talked about all the landmarks we had visited.

While searching for a geography meal for this week, I learned about the great Bean Soup debate that occurs.  Some Senators claim that it needs to be made with potatoes, while others say it does not.  You can buy this delicious soup on a daily basis at cafes around Congress.  So that is what I decided to make.  I used this Senate Bean Soup recipe. Caty loves potato soup, so I thought she may like it more with that ingredient.  It was a 50/50 vote in our house too.  Half loving it and the other half not.

Of course we had regular bowling Tuesday.

Followed by basketball practice for the boys.

On Wednesday after a long day of teaching at co-op, balancing Lydia's new med, and basketball practice, we had our 4H Awards banquet.  Our crockpot gets a lot of use this time of the year.

Lydia is reading a new horse series by Mattie Richardson.  The study guide for one of the books showed her how to make hard tack.  So Lydia worked on this project one evening.  They really enjoyed eating it from the oven....crazy kids.

More basketball practice...Thursday was a crazy day of Brayden working.  Lydia had a chiropractor appt and Caty had an online Edgar Allen Poe class.  Caty's blood sugar has been a bit wacky lately.  Running high.  We are not sure why.  So tracking her closely.  

Friday brought two separate appts.  I discovered a lump and went to the doctor.  I had to have a mammogram and an ultrasound at the same time.  Do forget to check ladies!!!  Waiting on results now and the next course of action.

Joe had a consult also that day.  About 6-7 years ago it was discovered that he had a pre-cancerous polyp near his colon.  So he needs to go back every few years for a check to make sure nothing else has grown.  Since his heart attack has him on new meds, they will have to be creative about this test.

Friday evening my aunt held a memorial for her late husband.  She had a balloon release with eco-friendly balloons.

Then it was home to a fire with my parents in the back yard.  It was definitely a cold fall day.  Lydia was super excited to find out that Joe and I stopped and got her needle felting supplies.  She started this in co-op this week and fell in love with it.  She said it helped her calm down.  So we got her some supplies to get her started at home.

Saturday am we took the kids to try and get some fall pictures.  I was waiting on the leaves to start turning and get some extra color.  Of course it was cold and a little rainy.  More on those when I get them edited.

And then Saturday afternoon we attended our dear friend bridal shower.  It was a fun time.

I made Pumpkin butter and cinnamon chips for breakfast one morning.  The kids thought this was different.  Caty has been seeing this and I wanted to show her how easy it actually is to make.  Joe said it turned out great.  I used Splenda to keep it lower carb, and the chips were made with low carb tortillas so that helped too.

Life gets a little crazy, and we fit school in around some things.  I try to take advantage of all educational opportunities and times where they can do book work.  I'm spoiled because of our unlimited data.  We can watch videos and do so much in the van.

Brayden had a couple weeks off due to some major stress and anxiety on my part.  I couldn't keep up with his planning, and he and I both needed a break.  He'll be starting back next week.  I made some adjustments to what is required of him for the next couple months.  Brayden decided to take it upon himself to start doing the laundry.  He carries it all downstairs and washes it.  I had to give him very few reminders to get it done.   He will be starting back with his Life Math, Life Skills, finish his science book (almost done), and Bible Study.  That's it.  He's basically done with book work!!!

Hope everyone had a great week!  Linking up with other moms @ Homeschool Coffee Break.

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  1. Another very busy week! So nice that Brayden has something to do that is "just him", and that all the kids were enjoying successes in their endeavors. :-) Praying that your biopsy results show that there is nothing to be concerned about. ;-)