Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Crazy December is Underway...Winter Sports are in Full Swing

We do not actually celebrate the holiday season.  But in usual fashion, our lives do not slow down.  This first week of December marks lots of activity.  Basketball season is fully underway.  Which means practices and games.  Swim Season is underway too, lots of practices to get ready for regionals.  Lydia helps at the stable every other Monday, as well as her regular riding schedule.

Bowling is winding down for a short winter break.  Caty is still using bumpers, trying to convince her to stop.  She's getting better, if she slows down and pays attention.

Cheerleading practice started.

I found this book at the book store over the weekend.  It's great.  The girls will be working on 1-2 artists a week.

It was a rough week mentally for me.  It was a year since Joe suffered a major heart attack while we were out of town traveling with him.  Lots of things flooded through my brain the whole week.  On top of that, he was out of town this week in California.  So went through it by myself.  And when you have special needs kids, you really do go through it by yourself.

Brayden has been struggling with fractions in Math.  So he and I are working one-on-one through a book just on fractions.

The girls traveled through Illinois this week for state geography.

Their Illinois treat.

In Science we worked on fault lines and plate tectonics.

And the kids built a seismograph.

Working on her sign language at the library one day.  We had a mix up in our schedule due to some last minute cancellations while we were en route to the classes.  So this was a change for us.

An old pictures of my grandma Lydia and I a few months before we lost her to cancer.  I was 19 here.  Miss her every day.

Saige always acts like she never gets any love...lol

I snuck a few workouts in this week.

I signed up for the Annie Crochet Club.  The first project was wash clothes.  These are the first three.  I learned three new stitches.  Not sure I did great, but working on it.

Working on her weaving project.  We had our last week of co-op and they brought home their projects they can finish at home.

Lydia has been having knee pain, so she started PT therapy to work on strengthen it.  They did x-rays and cannot find anything.  The PT thinks that it's soft tissue damage from being a kid and growing.

Lydia had a riding competition over the weekend.  She placed 2nd and 1st on each of the days.

Working on a scarf at the game.  Lydia tried hard to crochet this scarf for her coach.  But ultimately needed help to finish it.  She finished it.  This was the finished product.  Turned out great.

Hope everyone had a great week!!

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