Friday, January 10, 2020

Busy break from Lyceum

Life during basketball season has been crazy.  All 4 kids play basketball currently, but they also have cheerleading, swimming, and Lydia has equestrian.  So I'm cramming in doctor appointments around practices while we are on break from Lyceum.  Lydia is still working with physical therapy for her knee.  But we also have to visit doctors for thyroid issues, cardiologist for genetics, and have some physicals.

I found this game while cleaning the shelves.  Working on remembering where the states are while we are working our way through US Geography.

We started reading Dr. Dolittle.  Hoping to see the movie when it comes out.

Lydia found a new Rubicks cube.  She absolutely loves it.

Joey and I got to go and see a local university play.  This was a fun Joey and I date.

I'm trying to have them help cook more.  He made dinner one night.  Dessert was jello.

And then he made an easy Dump and Go Meatball pasta.  This was literally just pasta, premade meatballs, and pasta sauce with some water added.  It was liked though.

Caty working on her art book had an interesting perspective for this Degas painting.  She was painting the audience she said.

I am trying out the Pelaton app to see if it's worth the monthly fee.  I really like that it connects to my Apple watch without me fussing with opening/starting apps.  But we will wait and see.

Lots of practices this week....

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