Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Studying Kentucky, Basketball Games, And Kids Cooking

Lydia had work at the stable.  She goes every other week currently to help clean and do other tasks at the stable.  I caught her cleaning.

In Geography, the girls studied Kentucky.

Derby Pie

Kentucky Hot Brown

Brayden is refreshing himself and working on fractions.  I'm working with him to make sure he understands it like he claims to. 

Headphones have been becoming more and more part of everyday life.  They are driving me crazy!

The kids had a couple games this week.

Brayden cooked a couple of times this week.  He made Ikea meatballs and gravy.

And Hm Stauffers Macaroni and Cheese

Saige staying warm.  She loves to wrap up in our blanket.

I made beans and ham to go with our colonial meals. 

Caty attempted to make hm fish and chips.  This started out ok, but she splashed herself with hot oil and I ended up needing to finish it.  The potato wedges were a hit, but not everyone in our house likes fish. 

Lydia had a double judge show that Saturday.  She places 1st and 2nd in the ring that day.

Joey was super excited to get to wear the gauntlet hand at Game Stop.

I finished Caty's first beanie hat.  Now that I have figured it out...I'll be able to crochet more.

Hope everyone had a great week!!  Talk to you soon!

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