Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Swimming Regionals, Mascot Job, Sports...Sports...Sports.....

We started our week out with sports.  The girls had swim tournament.  Joe took the boys to their bowling competition.

Lydia earned 2 gold medals in 25m and 50m breatstroke.

Caty earned a 4th and 5th, and also a gold with her relay team.

The same day as the swim meet, the boys had a bowling tournament in BG.  Joe took them.  Brayden loves bowling!

We are spending the month of January reading and studying the American Revolution.  This is a selection of some they are reading.

The boys basketball team.

Practice has been exhausting.

For Louisiana i made homemade shrimp gumbo.  Only Joe enjoyed this treat.  It was a bit of work.

Brayden made a brief presentation to the United Way board about how much he enjoys HARC events.

The van needed a recall repaired.  This was my ride for the day.  I had a ton of appointments and the van was a 9 hour job.  Unfortunately this truck did get a flat tire.  So we had to deal with that.  Go figure.  The van is fixed and fine though.

Doing a jumping exercise at PT.

Showing off her new shirt from the chirpractor.  This day we went from PT directly to the chiro for her next appointment.  I had all the appointments stair-stepped so it was a nervous game if everyone was running on time.

Caty took on being the mascot for our cheer squad at state games.

Cheerleading practice.

The girls started an organic gardening class.  The first week they learned the parts of the seed, and then started a germination experiment.  Caty's goal is to start a garden this year and raise lots of vegetables.  We will see how this  She is doing a gardening project for 4H this year.

Basketball season is winding down.  I've been helping a bit with our team mascot.  Everyone loves him.  My aunt came to watch the girls play this week.  We had double games that night.  Both the girls and the boys played.

Cheering with the Cougar at half-time.

On Friday, Joey helped make a group presentation about standing up for yourself.  The location happened to be the DayHab where he attends.  This is his model table where he is allowed to build on his models throughout the day.

Making the Project STIR presentations.

While there, Joey had forgotten to bring home more of his Great Job tickets!  Proud of the adjustments he has made.

Hope everyone had a great week!!

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