Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Another week of learning......

This week Lyceum Partnership classes start back up.  So we will be embarking on a new schedule, on top of the eGames club that the kids will be starting.  Between a lot of doctor appointments coming up soon, life is going to be hectic and crazy.

Lydia along with her astronomy project, is also taking a geology project for 4H.  Her first week studied the layers of rocks.  They used Starburst candies to show this.




So I named Caty's bean seed Seymour.  This crazy seed hasn't wanted to germinate and grow.  So I finally put it on the coffee pot and tented it.

Bring on germination....

Caty learned how to peel/cut an orange to make it look nice.

Joey had a Regional Project STIR meeting we attended.

He enjoyed getting to go out to lunch.

More swim practice.....competition is less than two weeks away!

I became obsessed with finishing this book.  It had a very weird ending, but I liked it!!

Lydia volunteers every other week at the stable.  This week she cleaned tack for Stacey.

My complete and utter mess I had to weed through.  I am swamped with paperwork right now!

The girls had an online virtual field trip with the World War 2 museum in New Orleans.  This was another great experience.  If you get a chance, visit their website.  They run these throughout the year and they are FREE!!

We studied North Carolina this week...

The girls and I decided to make homemade North Carolina bbq sauce, and they learned the difference between East and West North Carolina bbq.

Served with sweet potato fries.

Caty is doing a gardening project for 4H.  Pretty interesting soil experiment to study the layers.

She made homemade sugar cookies, because she wanted to.

Getting ready for our first day of Classes...

Our listening material for our ride to school that week.

Cheer Practice...but Lydia is now obsessed with sketching/drawing again.  She and Caty are taking a sketching class at Lyceum this semester.

Another 4H experiment.  Caty needed to test people's taste senses.  Can they go from sweet to sour and now taste a difference?  Some in our family could, others could not.

A great mail week...more fun reviews!!

Lydia is loving the Dotzies!!

Saige loves her new sweater!  It was a gift from friends.

Life is crazy, and it just doesn't seem to be slowing down.  We are soon going to be parents to two kids 18 and over!!  Legal issues need to be taken care of to protect Brayden, so that's another thing that I have been busy with.  Parenting special needs kids is not for the faint at heart.  There are always things to be done, and issues to be solved!

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