Wednesday, February 5, 2020

Massachusetts, Winter sowing, Colonial Food Day, and Homecoming Game

I have no wit or wisdom to share this week.  I think our schedule has temporarily fried my brain.  Joe is down with a cold.  Lydia and Joe are getting something similar to what he has.  I was fighting to keep from getting sick, and losing.  But at least my tactics helped me from getting it as bad.  Lydia also didn't get it as bad, since I upped her Vitamin D too.

We studied Massachusetts this week.  Caty read about a Fluffer Nutter sandwich, and I made it for her.  She fell in love!!

I cheated, and even though I could have made it homemade, just didn't have the energy.

But I did make the Boston Cream Pie from scratch for them.  This was a hit.

Caty is working on doing her work independently.  She is determined to work this way as much as possible.

One of her projects for 4H was to make corn muffins.  She misread the recipe twice that week.  She put 2 cups of oil in this batch, instead of 2TBSP.  Yeah they were more like fried bread.

We ate 3 meals one day that were themed around Colonial meals and cooking.

The Hasty Pudding was a hit.

I made a loaf of homemade bread, which they used to make sandwiches.  Joe said the bread turned out yummy.  I need to do this more often.

For dinner I made a baked roast with root vegetables.

I snuck a workout in during the week and Caty worked on her Japanese while I was working out.

Lydia had a special coaching session with a couple of the YEDA coaches.  She really enjoyed this!

At bowling and she is staring at her  The boys do the same thing.

One night Joe needed more meds.  We have  Dollar General in our town.  I have NEVER done this.  But I had already changed into my PJs.  My llama pj pants and I made the trip to get him more cold

In Gardening Club, They are working on sowing their pea seeds and getting them to grow.  They also learned about winter sowing seeds.

The girls finished their history book.  But we were watching a few shows to fill in our week on Colonial America.  This show is awesome!!

On Thursday, Brayden works two jobs.  I took him to get some food between his shifts.  I got us a booth while he got his drink.  This kid sat across from me instead.  Apparently I take up too much room in the  This kid!!

Both girls needed to see a cardiologist for their well checks.  They thought this bagel shop in the hospital was great.  Now Caty likes bagel sandwiches.

The art in the kids tower is beautiful!

She came home and made her a sun viewer for her astronomy project.

Winter sowing more seeds at home...

Our Friday was a bit busy.  Our county Special Olympics played basketball at another county's homecoming game.  We do this every year.  It's a lot of fun!  And we also enjoyed the dance!

Lydia worked at the zoo over the weekend.  I think we all need a vacation.  I'm planning a week of nothing soon for us to take a few days.  I think I may need it more than the kids.  Keeping up with them is driving me crazy.

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