Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Busy...Busy...Busy....Storms, New Plants, and a Virtual Horse Show

Life has been ever so busy.  Yard work, house work, and keeping up with the kids is a full-time job.  I'm trying to get my TEFL teaching certification.  So studying thrown in the mix has gotten me totally crazy.  

I have been juggling a new psychiatrist for the kids.  We were left without one suddenly in March.  And with the pandemic, trying to find one that can see the kids has been crazy!!  And now I have to juggle three separate appointments and intake options for them.  Where as before, it was one hour every few months.  He saw them all together.  It's crazy.  Plus I'm dealing with Caty and her diabetes.  It hasn't been kind to us.  And she is not being kind to her body.  Just another rider on our merry-go-round of life.

Here are some storm pictures from last week.  We saw some CRAZY weather.  But also saw a full rainbow.

Joe and I saw this wild dust cloud that was swirling around in the high winds.

A few days later Lydia found a baby bird injured.  So I ran it over to the local nature rescue.  We hope that it is ok.

This was the next day....I thought this was so cute!

I was so proud of this picture....you have no idea how proud.  For almost a month and a half there was a large pile of mulch block our driveway.  I finally got it put around the house and out of the driveway.  It took me so long due to weather, schedule, and health.

Lydia entered her first Virtual Horse Show takes to her coaches.  And she placed 1st!  She was super excited!

The boys got a surprise visit from the county Job Coaches that they work with.  They brought them the ingredients for dinner.  

Caty has been begging to go somewhere, she even wants to go to the mall.  So we went to the local garden center to pick out plants.  Caty and I have a tradition of sharing a dandelion.  She found one in the parking lot 💕

Our little haul.  It included several types of tomato plants, pepper plants, and sweet onions.  Now to get everything planted after all the rain subsides.

Caty wanted kabobs on the grill.  This was a hit.  And with as busy as we have been, it was finally nice dinner with the kids at our new patio table. 

Life is going to stay a bit crazy.  We are doing virtual sports with Special Olympics.  So I'm coaching tennis weekly.  The kids are also participating in Soccer, volleyball, cheerleading, and the weekly sports challenge.

When are you all going to finish for the year.  Or start your next?  How many homeschool year round?  I'm still debating over here.  Brayden has a math and computer science credit to finish.  The girls are reviewing in math.  I really want Caty to finish her History unit.  I think we'll keep going into June and take July off from school.  Or that's my plan at the moment.

But we got this!!  Hope everyone had a great week!!

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