Tuesday, May 5, 2020

Celebrating Star Wars Day

The kids love when we celebrate things like Star Wars Day or April Fools Day.  I had to cram in some fun foods for this great day.   Now I am not a Star Wars fan the way they all are.  But I try to make it a fun day.

They were allowed to watch Star Wars cartoons/episodes or movies all day.

I had surprises for them on the table.  They thought these little Light Sabers were cool.

For Snacks they had Light/Dark side doughnuts.

 And a Snack mix of

Light sabers, Ewoks, Millenium Falcons, dark side orbs, Princess Leia buns, and Star ships.

I woke them up to theme music on all the Alexas.

For breakfast I pulled out this fun...

Even had fresh Bantha milk for them.

I found Star Wars socks for the girls and I.

Storm Trooper brownies

I served them Roasted Porg for lunch.

They had roasted Porg for lunch, Yoda ears, Tie fighter pasta, and Ray's Portion bread.

with some Yoda punch.

And there was even Sarlacc pit cake.

They enjoyed the surprises....and another Star Wars Day 2020 is in the books.

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