Wednesday, June 10, 2020

Spelling Shed and Math Shed from EdShed Review

Disclaimer: I received a FREE copy of this product through the HOMESCHOOL REVIEW CREW in exchange for my honest review. I was not required to write a positive review nor was I compensated in any other way.
We recently had the opportunity to review both Math Shed and Spelling Shed from EdShed. These programs have been a lot of fun for the girls reviewing their skills and working toward mastery in areas where they were struggling.

EdShed has created two excellent online programs that allows students to practice either their spelling or their math skills. Both programs can be used by any student, whether public school or homeschool. Geared toward elementary level students, both Math Shed and Spelling Shed present a fun way for students to master essential skills.

Both Lydia and Caty have been using Math Shed to work on mastering their math facts.  I noticed that they had a few holes in this area and it was making their math more frustrating to complete.  Few kids enjoy using flash cards, our kids included. So I was excited to see how they would do with a game approach.

Math Shed provides math practice for a wide array of skills, including addition and subtraction, number bonds, multiplication, division, and many more basic foundational math skills.  

The Math Shed program is not meant to be a stand alone curriculum. It is meant to be used as a compliment for students to get more practice. The girls had a blast....literally had a blast (there are a lot of space games) doing their math assignments.

When you subscribe to Math Shed, you will set up a Teacher Account.  In this area you can make assignments for your students.  This allows them to work more independently.  I simply assigned them the activities they needed to complete for the week. This took me maybe 15 minutes when I was lesson planning. 

But if you are struggling, EdShed does not leave you without help. Included under the Teacher Hub are videos and guides that you can download to read. They provide step-by-step instruction on getting the most from your subscription.

If I suspected they had not worked on their assignment, I simply logged back into the Teacher Hub and checked their progress and verify that they were actually completing their assigned work. This was convenient a very convenient feature.

Caty worked through Spelling Shed during the review period. She can read very well, but spelling is a struggle for her. So I wanted her to practice the lessons from the beginning level. I was hoping that she was see the patterns with phonics and it would help improve her spelling. She enjoyed working her way through the basic levels, even though it was below her level. 

Lessons were short and the games very effective. Caty's spelling has been gradually improving. The repetition for her has been great. The games are engaging for her age level. As a pre-teen she still found the games fun and since the word lists/curriculum within Spelling Shed were through elementary school she found everything challenging.  The games help make spelling practice more fun for her, since spelling is definitely not one of her favorite subjects. 

Both girls are enjoying Math Shed and Spelling Shed from EdShed. The programs have been a great supplement for our homeschool curriculum. Especially this summer when I am trying to fill in some "holes" that I have noticed in their math skills. Short games, but an effective way to develop mastery for both their math and spelling skills. We plan on continuing with both programs and keep making that forward progress!

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