Thursday, July 16, 2020

Favorite Art Curriculum

Some people choose to just let art projects to just happen.  Whatever they want to do on a whim.  Others though, need preparation and planning.  When we started our Art History this year, I definitely at least needed a basic outline plan of what we were going to do.

Beyond the Stick Figure

A friend shared this book online and I ordered it right away!  Vincent's Starry Night and other Stories.

I used this to make our outline for the year.  I had a few projects in mind as I was going through the list, but usually planned out a month in advance.  I really liked this book.  It gave a little story for each.  We also watched a quick biography video on all the artists that we could and looked up their art work.  Another suggestion I got from a friend was to print coloring pages of each artist's work and let the kids color those.  So that is what we did for most of the artists.  We all know that Pinterest is the mecca of art projects!!  So I would surf around if I didn't have any ideas and borrow from here and there to create our projects each week.

Behold the Beauty Art Curriculum - I used this along with the above book.  It was a great addition to our year this year.  This copy is for Grades 4 - 6, but you can also purchase for lower grade levels and beginning artists.

Great American Artists

Discovering Great Artists

Online resource.... Art Hub for Kids ... the girls love drawing these pictures!  Their Youtube channel is jammed packed with fun art lessons.

Artistic Pursuits is a wonderful program.  Projects are completely laid out for you.  So very little planning needed, other than pre-reading lesson and collecting supplies

You honestly could find thousands of tutorials on Youtube to help with drawing basics.  There are also online schools such as that also offers several levels of drawing classes.  (Remember Youtube is FREE for almost all the videos, so that is always budget friendly!!)

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