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Journey Homeschool Academy - Experience Biology: Upper Level Review

Disclaimer: I received a FREE copy of this product through the HOMESCHOOL REVIEW CREW in exchange for my honest review. I was not required to write a positive review nor was I compensated in any other way.
I have yet another entering high school.  I was excited to get the opportunity to review a new to our family science curriculum from Journey Homeschool Academy.  We were able to spend the last few weeks using Experience Biology: Upper Level with Lydia.  She has really enjoyed this program, and I'm enjoying the easy to use self-guided study of Biology that Lydia is getting.

Journey Homeschool Academy provides families with Christian based science studies for elementary though high school grade levels.  Using video based learning, Luke and Trish Gilkerson help students explore biology and astronomy.  We had the opportunity to use the Upper Level, or high school level Biology program.

Experience Biology: Upper level provides a easy study program for high schoolers earning their credit for Biology.  The four step process includes use of video instruction, Comprehension quizzes, lab assignments for hands-on learning and research questions, and weekly reading assignments from The Riot and Dance: Foundational Biology. Also available are PDF printable note-taking guides for use during the videos.

There are 35 lessons that cover both lessons in human and animal biology.  

The interface is extremely user friendly.  Lydia is able to keep track of where she is easily.  The materials are available to print on your own, or you can order the books printed.

I chose to print the materials.  Each week, I print the lessons outlines from The Student Guidebook and also the Student Lab Guide.  We are only a few lessons into the studies, but this has worked out very well for us.  I also added tabs to help Lydia find the pages in her binder easier.  She does have a processing delay, so note-taking is something that she struggles with.  I love the Student Guidebook for this reason.  As she watches the videos, she can pause and fill-in the information inside of the outline notes.

I can also make adaptions for her learning disabilities by allowing her to use the notes on the graded quizzes provided with each lesson.  I like that they allow her to retake quizzes if she does not score a passing score.  This allows her to work at a pass she can with her processing delays, and I can also see if she is struggling in the understanding of a specific subject area.  

Each Lesson does include a hands-on lab activity.  This is also a PDF printable file.  I print the pages and place them with her lesson notes inside of her binder.

Lydia learns well with hands-on activities.  She is loving this part of her lessons.  We plan her week out though that she can work on her lesson videos independently and then her labs on days where I can be more hands-on with her work, just in case she needs a little help.

Our microscope hooks through my laptop, so she can take pictures of what she is seeing.  She prints that and then includes that in her binder for her assessment next year.

You can turn in lab assignment for grading.  Lydia has opted to not do this so far.  The labs have been very easy for her, but you can turn in 15 labs during the course of study.  

I can log into my parent account and see her quiz grades.  This is also where I can purchase other courses and assign them to Lydia, or even Caty if I chose to use the lower level programs for her.  I am considering this.  Journey Homeschool Academy can really be used independently, with just a parent overseeing their studies and confirming that they are finishing the work.  This is a great benefit for busy parents who are homeschooling and working.  There is a Curriculum Guide available to answer questions that you may have along the way, and also a materials list for the Lab Assignments.  Included are also Answer Keys for certain lab assignments, and a sample lab report just in case you are not familiar with what is required for these forms.  

I really have liked all that Journey Homeschool Academy - Experience Biology: Upper Level has offered my animal science girl.  She is able to work independently, which is something that she wants.  I am able to adapt it to her learning style, and I do not feel dependent on a curriculum guide or an extensive list of fancy lab supplies that many people may not have access to order.  I know that Lydia will be signing up for the Upper Level: Astronomy course when she finishes Experience Biology: Upper Level.  I hope that the Gilkerson's will come out with other courses for high schoolers to help me get through the rest of Lydia's science requirements.

You can check out Journey Homeschool Academy and the programs they offer by clicking below.  Several families from the Homeschool Review Crew were given the opportunity to use the various programs that Journey Homeschool Academy offers in their home during the review period.  See what they thought and how they used these in their homes.

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