Saturday, October 10, 2020

I Need to Take More Pictures....


I have been horrible about pictures.  The girls are chugging along on schoolwork.  Caty has started filling in book report forms.  I am advancing Lydia to a book report outline. 

We learned about Japan and a little about Bolivia this week in Geography.  Our geography program from Guest Hollow has us learned several different little facts here and there each week.

Caty took a class on how to make a zebra cake on Outschool.  The teacher was energetic, but forgot to change the measurements to match American students.  It was a bit chaotic.  But didn't turn out horrible.

Turned out cute.

I made homemade cauliflower gnocchi.  It was yummy.

I got up and made homemade pumpkin spice doughnut because someone ate Brayden's last doughnut.  The kids liked them.

Lydia has riding on Monday mornings, so Caty and I played a new to us game - Math Sprint - to practice her math facts.  Watch for our upcoming review.

After her lesson, Lydia helps with a class.  This was her leaving the arena after helping.

Caty's Japanese is driving me  I'm trying to help though.

The craft I made with my class for storytime online.

The girls and I attempted to make homemade did not turn out.

It seemed like it would, but it did not set hard enough.

Lydia at YEDA Practice on Tuesday.

We made a Japanese themed meal.  This was the bean paste I made to eat as dessert.

The main course was rice balls and Japanese curry.

Here was the dessert - Anmitsu

Her Zoology certificate of completion from a Nature Glo class they finished.

Learning about the garments worn by Israel's priests and coloring a chart of the jewels worn.

Beautiful full moon on Friday morning with fall leaves.

Brayden bowled his heart out this week.  10 strikes in 2 games!!

Her Cosplay class....transforming into Poison Ivy.

On Saturday I told Caty to assemble her own supply drawers.  She did a great job!

Check out our part-pit bull puppy snoozing!.  Love this sweet baby.

I ordered this shelf off of Amazon.  I need more to grow my microgreens on.  That's why I ordered it, and instead it now shelves Lydia's succulents.

Next week, I'll post some pictures of how we are doing school.  It's a little different this year.

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