Thursday, October 1, 2020

Picking Sunflowers - Graduation Surprise - Fall Surprises - Horse Shows

It's time for fall traditions.  They are different this year because we cannot normally do them

It's time for fall traditions.  They are different this year because we cannot normally do them with family and friends.  It has been a busy August, so we did not get to go and pick sunflowers like we normally do.  So by the time we got to do this, the pickings were slim.  But it was still a way to get out.

That evening I enjoyed a yummy vegan meal of veggie Pad Thai (made with sunflower seed butter) and a salad with microgreens.

Brayden had a surprise graduation present from some friends.  They planned poppers and made all of these little coins and boxes for him.  It was very cool!!

I worked at the table to enjoy my sunflowers for a few mornings.

One of my classes is a story time and craft based on Disney stories.

Lydia is volunteering at the barn weekly after her lesson with the homeschool class.

We took a break from Kitchen Chemistry to review NatureGlo Science.  The girls have been learning about various animals and biology of the animals.  Watch for our review.

Another yummy vegan meal.... veggie Pho made with microgreens.

Vegan taco salad

It was a massively busy week with work, doctor appts and the biggest horse show of the stable was on Saturday.  I forgot to put together our raffle baskets.  So I scrambled to do that.

And I put together fall baskets for my parents and brother's family.  We cannot do the normal fall camp fire activities this year, so I still wanted to do something fallish for them.

Caty was amazed by the melting candle wax.

The horse show was busy, and wonderful!!  The fundraising goal was met to help out for next year's scholarships!

Lydia talking about being a YEDA ambassador

Lydia is thinking about making homemade animal treats to earn money.  We will see how this goes.

I even got on a horse that day in reverse lead line.  First time since I was 12 or  I survived.

Another week down in the books....How was your week?