Monday, December 21, 2020

Winter Fun Checklist

We are experiencing some difficult social times ahead.  We are always looking for creative ways to keep our brains going.  Here is a fun winter checklist that you can use in these "socially distancing" times.

You can download this file by clicking this link:  Krazy Kuehner Days Winter Fun Checklist.

Hot cocoa bombs can be made with almost ANY silicone mold.  We use almond bark and chocolate bark to create ours.  We even use homemade hot cocoa powder.

New hobbies for kids may be painting classes (Check, Udemy, or local art studios are doing virtual classes.)

Local libraries are hosting a wide range of family, teen, and kids activities virtually also.  Check out what your library is offering.

Here is a recipe for Snow Cream - Snow Ice Cream

Themed movie nights are so fun.  Check Pinterest for ideas with almost any movie you can watch.  These are just great, and bonus you can have grocery pick up to help keep you safe.

Hope this list helps get you started on some Winter Family Fun!!

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