Saturday, February 13, 2021

Cold Weather Ideas

Since so many of us are on limited or not participating in outside activities due to restrictions.  I have older kids, so these are some options that we have been ingHere are some suggestions to look at:

1.  Help the kids get involved in the cooking.  This is a great time to really sharpen their cooking skills, and for you to learn some new cooking techniques.  Plan a themed cultural meal weekly or monthly.  Whatever your budget allows.  Have a cooking contest.  Can you "Nail" a recipe or project you find on Pinterest?

2.  If you are looking for social options, check out  There are a wide range of virtual opportunities for kids to hang out with other kids who have the same interests.  Just search for "social group (kids interests)". I actually host several Minecraft meetups for kids of all ages and building levels.  The girls have really enjoyed this break up in their schedule.

3.  Have you checked out Kiwi Co?  I know this is not a free option.  But the kids have enjoyed these crates.  Currently we have subs to Eureka and Maker Crates.  They really break up the activities.  All the supplies are included!! 

4.  Find some great drawing tutorials on Youtube.  Make a goal to create some sort of art/craft everyday.  Look at reusing recyclable materials from your home.  You could also open the up the world on Pinterest.  One of my favorite drawing channels is Art Hub for Kids.

5.  Bring out those board games.  Maybe you are bored...get that "bored" with some of them.  Encourage your kids to create a new game using materials from an old game that none of you like.  They could re-write the cards and even change the board up.

Hope you can use some of these.
Have a great day!

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