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Homeschool In The Woods - Project Passport World History Studies Ancient Greece Review

Disclosure: I received this complimentary product through the Homeschool Review Crew.

Homeschool in the Woods

 We recently had the opportunity to review Project Passport World History Studies: Ancient Greece  from Home School in the Woods.   I love creating my own unit study programs for our family.  Looking up books that are tailored to each of our children takes a lot of work, but I think they appreciate it when we sit down to do the work each week.  But there are some weeks where I just am out of time and energy.  Learning must still go on, and that is when I am grateful for pre-made unit studies. 

Project Passport World History Studies: Ancient Greece (Download $33.95 and CD $34.95) is a, 8 - 12 week unit study packed with hands-on project study on Ancient Greece.  It includes 25 passport stops as you and your students travel throughout this land and time period.  You will learn about religion, medicine, writing, education system, farming, Alexander the Great, and aspects everyday life.

Your students though are not just reading and filling out a lapbook.  Project Passport World History Studies: Ancient Greece provides exciting writing opportunities disguised as creating a newspaper.  Each stop takes you on fun-filled adventures.  Included also are informational reading, instructions on how to create a folder to collect all your information in.  The pieces are included and easily printed out and assembled.   

We received the downloadable materials, but 
Project Passport World History Studies: Ancient Greece is also available in a CD format.  The souvenir postcards have also been a huge hit.  Since we travel so much, we send out a lot of postcards.  The kids thought this was a great feature and looked forward to creating postcards to go along with our Story stops as we traveled through this time period.  There is even a really great timeline that students can add pictures to as they complete each stop.

Caty had recently finished her ancient world studies, and so I decided to use the Project Passport World History Studies: Ancient Greece as summer reinforcing materials.  

This unit study is extremely easy to use.  I felt a little overwhelmed when I first started opening the files.  But I quickly discovered how to print the files that we needed for each lesson.  I was also able to quickly adjust activities to make any of them interesting for Caty.  

In fact, each travel stop is laid out for parents.  You simply need to follow along with the activities suggested.  This is the part where Caty picks and chooses materials to go through.  So it could be used by parents or students who are working independently.

I generally print the stops, itineraries, newspapers, timeline materials, and extra projects.  To print this unit study, it does require a bit more ink and definitely paper.  I keep it all together in a 3 inch binder.  I use the itinerary pages to keep track of Caty should have completed each week.

Book lists and video suggestions are provided with each lesson.  These materials were easily gotten from the library, but I was also able to find other titles if our library didn't have the suggested titles.  These books though really were not necessary because each Passport Stop was packed full of information.  You could stretch this material out with a Passport Stop each week or do 2-3 stops a week, depending on in depth you want to study Ancient Greece with your family. 

This is such a perk when using Homeschool In The Woods products.  You can easily adjust to your child's abilities.  Caty has been working independently.  She chooses one activity to due with each Stop.  One day she might work on a post card, and she always writes out the newspaper articles for those readings.  She can read the materials independently.  She was able to complete 3 stops a week per her history schedule.  

We have used Home School in the Woods Project Passports in the past, and I absolutely love them and so do the children.  All the projects included are amazing.  That is what sets Home School in the Woods apart from other unit studies.  It's not just a lap book or a few pages to read.  You can fully immerse your whole family in a historic time period.   So it's great for multi-level teaching. Homeschool in the Woods provides the materials....and you just need to provide the costumes if you really want to make it come  Caty hasn't gotten to this project yet, but she's super excited to work on the Greek Pottery project.

Because We have such a love for the projects from Homeschool In The Woods, I already purchased the study of Ancient Rome and she'll be spending the rest of the summer on that before starting her study of the Middle Ages.

Several members of  the Homeschool Review Crew were given the opportunity to try out various products from Home School in the Woods.  Take a few moments to see how they used them in their homes and if they enjoyed the Passport stops as much as we did.  Visit the Homeschool Review Crew blog below.

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