Friday, August 13, 2021

The HomeScholar LLC - Total Transcript Solution Review

Disclaimer: I received a FREE copy of this product through the HOMESCHOOL REVIEW CREW in exchange for my honest review. I was not required to write a positive review nor was I compensated in any other way.
The HomeScholar

Homeschooling in high school is a whole new level of challenges.  We recently had a chance to review the Total Transcript Solution from The HomeScholar LLC.  This is a game changer for anyone who is struggling to get their student's transcript ready for college.

The HomeScholar LLC was created by Matt and Lee Binz, who have become experts in homeschooling through high school. As homeschool consultants who also homeschooled their own children, they have worked for over 15 years helping other families have the confidence to continue through those high school years and enter into college.

Lee Binz likes to emphasize her core beliefs in homeschooling:

  1. Homeschooling independently provides the best possible learning environment
  2. Every child deserves a college-prep education, whether or not they choose college.
  3. Parents are capable of providing a superior education for their children.

The Homescholar LLC has created a variety of products that make it easy for parents to create high school transcripts that any college would love to see.

I did have a little trouble getting started.  But figured it out pretty quickly.  Lydia is officially a sophomore this year.  She is still undecided about college.  So I need to make sure that I keep good records for her, just in case she decides to enroll.  

For the boys, I just kept a record of classes and credits in a spreadsheet on my computer.  But that is the difference in doing it on your own, or buying a subscription to Total Transcript Solution.  The Binz family has created a true how to homeschool high school system.  If you are preparing your student for collegiate success, they have a plan that you can follow and set you up for graduation success.

Your subscription to Total Transcript Solution does not need to be purchased annually.  It is a lifetime membership.  You have access to:

  • Video training to help you fill out the transcript, list classes, assign grades and credits, and even figure GPA
  • Flexibility to use the transcript software with all your children for the same price.
  • You even can get professional feedback on the transcript you created from Lee Binz. The cost includes a 20-minute phone or email consultation with Lee Binz.
  • Ten different transcript styles in Word, Excel, or Pages, including the NCAA format that is used to help earn scholarships.
  • Extra bonus books on Get A Handle on the SAT, and even favorite homeschooling resources.
The videos are helpful and really do answer questions about how to homeschool through high school.  Lee Binz takes what seems like a daunting task and gives you the confidence to know that you CAN homeschool in the high school years, and YES your student can go to college.  Her videos help you and your student to really lay out their plan, and how to get the most from their learning experiences and put them on their transcript.

I really do believe that for anyone who is on the fence about homeschooling through the high school year should purchase Total Transcript Solution.  It can get you off that fence and on the path to homeschooling through high school.

Once I got through the checkout process it has been a completely easy program to use.  I will be using this for our other daughter also as she is entering high school next year.  She is also still undecided about college.  So I am going to be prepared.  I do encourage you to include your student even on some of the videos and the planning.  That's another way to help them to learn independence in planning, goals, and decision making.

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Homeschool High School to College with The HomeScholar


  1. Thank you for your review, Renita! I was so glad that you found the program easy to use and that you are preparing for college even though your teen hasn't decided. (Those teens can be wily!) Also kudos for including your teen in on the training! It is very important that they begin to take ownership of the college process.

    You also are correct that our goal was to create a complete "how to homeschool high school system" and the Total Transcript Solution is an important part of that.

    We will be sharing your review with our newsletter subscribers. Thank you for posting it! God bless you and your family!

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